Saturday, 4 March 2017


Hello, it's me. I'm here to update. Doubt there's anyone else reading my blog already. 

Life has been mundane for me. Everyday it's just wake up, wash up and wake Elton up for school. Then changed into his uniform, go downstairs wait for school bus, come back wake Arielle up and change into her school attire. Then we head out together. Carry Arielle all the way to her school and i will go and take bus to interchange then take another bus to my workplace. 

After work, i will rush to take bus to Sembawang and board mrt back. Then i need to go interchange to take bus to Arielle's school and fetch her before 7pm. 

FYI i only finish work at 6pm and it take about 35-40mins from my workplace to where i stay. After fetching Arielle, we will go and dabao dinner then head home together.

Reached home, i have to feed the both of them dinner then go and prepare Elton and Arielle's school bag for the next day. And by 9pm plus i need to get the both of them to go wash up and head to bed. If not it will be a hard time waking up them especially Elton(coz he have to wake up at 6.10am). And for me i have to wake up at 5.40am every weekday. 

Shag right?? But what to do? Haha 习惯就好...

Sunday, 22 November 2015

I'm Back For An Update :)

I am here to update after a few months of not updating. Still living this shitty life yeah. Anyway i've already registered Arielle's childcare. On the 2nd of dec there's PTC for Elton. Already applied leave on that day and i got their daddy to took leave too. Hopefully can successfully settle our separation stuffs. Been dragging for so long already. Currently he's renting a place outside (that's good news for us). So the kids have not seen or hear from their daddy for quite some time already.

On the 29th of dec there's a wedding for us to attend. Our boss's youngest son is getting married at orchid country club. So i've already worked here for more than 6 months already. So far so good except for those office politics. Jiayou to myself!

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Look at this cheeky girl!

Mummy and both precious

Holding onto high chair (Dangerous i know :x)


Babygirl was down with high fever

Having rashes after she recovered from high fever.

Ok, i really don't know what am i doing recently. I really hate myself for what i have done. Revenge or? I'm also not sure. Have been like kind of addicted to it?? Sigh. i shouldn't be doing all this i know but........ Maybe i'm just feeling alone and need some care and concern.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Just Some Updates.

Did anyone miss my lil girl? Teehee

My two naughty kiddos

Mirror effect. Me likey

Dian Xiao Er with Christine the other day. Yums

Current addiction: Mac's Grilled Chicken Salad xD


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It's Been One Month Since I Updated...

Many things happened to me recently. And i actually don't have any motivation to update my blog at all. I found out that my hubby is cheating on me again in December 2014. And yes i am pregnant again but not keeping this time round :'(
I actually found out that he got another woman pregnant one day after my operation. My life is damn dramatic isn't it?? And that woman actually saw me and my kids before.
Gonna upload few pics for my own memories.
Did the first preg test on the 16th and the second preg test on the 17th
This ultrasound was taken when baby #3 was about 8 weeks and it's the only ultrasound :'(

The only and last tummy pic taken one day before my operation :'(

Monday, 12 January 2015


Sis went Taiwan few weeks ago!

First time trying

At Marche JEM

The tomato is boiled *.*

With indri

llao llao again!

Long time since i had this

Fried crabstick

Chilli crab for dinner!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Solids Update.

Wearing new shoes

Upper teeth is coming out too!

#likeasuperman lol