Sunday, 28 December 2014

Updates Of This Few Days.

Still thought that this sleepsuit is too big for Arielle but it actually fits just nice for her :/

Sweet babygirl

Bought Elton and Arielle to Pizza Hut on my own. Met a crazy woman at Northpoint. I was talking to Elton and this woman was in front then she turn back to look at me. But i didn't care her and continue walking, this crazy woman then step on my slipper and when i turn back, she stared at me! Like wtf u step on ppl's slipper still dare to stare! Must be nobody taught u any manners!

My two LO

My order from Agape Babies

Starbucks 1-For-1
New sandals for Elton

Family fun last night

Arielle's new walker is here!

She seems afraid as it's her first time sitting in walker

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fish & Co With Family.

Wefie with babygirl

At AMK Hub's nursing room

Multi-tasking while feeding Arielle milk xD

Some more wefie

My cute lil Minnie Mouse

First time sitting on high chair

Sis and Arielle

I can only suck my pacifier T.T
Our food for the night. The buffalo wings taste rather eeeww
Bought this recipe book from Popular

New blender for Arielle's baby food

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Favourite from 7-Eleven

Christmas Cookie Frappe

Baby Arielle had her first avocado and banana puree today! She loves it! =DD

Monday, 22 December 2014


So happy playing with her feet

This is how u use the pacifier

Cool effect haha

Feeding meimei porridge lol

Looking at me innocently aww

Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Taobao Buys (December 2014)

Paid shipping on the 17/12/2014 Wednesday and received my items on 20/12/2014 Saturday. Actually i received the sms today morning that my items will be delivered by 6pm. So i waited and waited until 6 but still no sight of my items. Decided to stop waiting since people says Saturday's delivery is until 1pm only. But at 9pm plus i suddenly got a call that they will be delivering my parcel in 10-15mins time. So shock and happy at the same time! Surprised that speedpost people will actually called before delivering my items. And indeed they delivered my parcel in a short while after i received their call :)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Photos Time.

Mummy, son and daughter

First time trying The Crepe Shop

New sleepsuit

Received Dumex sample

Dad and Arielle

New teether for Arielle