Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

I finished work at about 6pm, rushed home and we had steamboat reunion dinner at home! Invited sis's bf over too. After dinner we just sat down and enjoy the oranges, snacks and watch tv :)

After dinner wanna orh orh.. LOL

Stayed at home all day because 姑姑 fell down so we couldn't go to her hse to 拜年!

Our whole family went to cousin's condominium at Waterfront Waves located at Bedok Reservoir Road. Met up with the other relatives at the Multi-Purpose Hall there to 拜年! Saw cousin's daughter, Emily! So cute and chubby!

My boy acting shy :x

Handsome boy wearing his new year clothing!

Family photo

Elton and ah gong

Elton and daddy

Love the swimming pool!

Elton pointing to the swimming pool. LOL

Elton relaxing at the sofa

Mummy and Elton

Family photo 2

Hubby and wifey

The End~

Thursday, 19 January 2012


The dad and the son

The mum and the son

In bus otw to amk hub~

It's been awhile since i updated my blog,

due to busy working and hardly had any time to spend with my family..

most of the time i'm really tired from work..

Now i'm blogging at this hour is because i'm off tml!

finally a day to let me "relax"..

and i hope time will pass slowly >.<

so fast CNY is around the corner..

which means gonna give angbaos time..


last time is collect angbao,

now is giving angbao!

but it's ok since my son will be the one collecting now..


Thursday, 5 January 2012

23 Months Old!

Happy 23 months to my babyboy!!
next month will be ur 2 years old!
how time flies isn't it?
mummy loves u alot!
just be more obedient ok?
dun always make us angry..
Yesterday when i asked Elton is he wan didi or meimei,
he say didi..
when i ask if he wan meimei,
he keep shaking his head -.-
maybe Elton know if he got didi he can fight with him..