Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Precious Boy Is Down With Fever :(

Lil boss :P


Having on and off fever

Mum and sis bought tis for Elton!

Grumpy lil boy, feeling restless because of the fever :(

Elton has been down with fever since saturday nite.. Sunday mornin around 5am plus, hubby woke me up to bring Elton to kkh coz his fever is getting way too high.. Called for taxi and when we reached there, had his temperature taken, 39.5 degrees :( After tat doctor gave him Brufen(high fever med).. Den his temperature finally came down to 38.2 degrees.. Doctor gave us high fever med and the normal med.. Went home fed Elton med and he finally fell aslp.. Mornin woke up, touch his head and we knew tat his fever came back! For the whole day Elton was having on and off fever :( In the end, at around 11.30pm, hubby suggested us to bring him back to kkh.. Cabbed there again and tis time doctor told us Elton was having some kind of throat infection.. And he say the fever will still lasts him for another 3-4 days.. Now his fever won't shoot up so fast like before and it's not so hot too.. Hopefully my lil boy will recover soon! Anyway I've already took 3 days mc :/ Now my leg is having infection :( Bad things all happen at the same time..

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Confirmation Letter!

I've finally received my confirmation letter today!!
feel so happy after waiting for so long!
30 bucks of increment..
better than nth rite?
yay i can finally have incentives when company is earning money!
really can't explain the happiness!
hmm ok quit being lame le~

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hubby's Birthday

The birthday cake I bought for hubby!

Birthday boy, the love of my life (L)

Happy family of three <3

Our lil bundle of joy!

Hubby and wifey :)

Happy bday to my dearest hubby! Today mornin, i went to the neighborhood bakery to get a cake for hubby.. After tat came back home and later went khatib to get steamboat ingredients with hubby and Elton.. Had our brunch first den headed to Sheng Shiong.. Bought quite alot of things from there.. And we went to ntuc to get the belly sukiyaki.. Mad yummy can! Bought 8 packets from there.. Just now had the celebration for hubbylove.. Elton was not cooperating! Kept moving about when we are about to take pic.. Anyway was surprised to see my lil boy standing up from the floor on his own! Previously he can only stand up by his own on the mattress.. So proud of my precious! Dearest hubby, I hope u enjoyed urself today! Though I didn't buy any present for u.. Hope u understand! Love u and our lil precious forever! <3<3

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cause you're amazing, just the way you are.

Update photos of my babyboy!

Stunned expression.. LOL

So cute rite?

Wore tis beanie for him again and he still hate it!


Tml's my off day,

gonna head to ICA again..

anyway its raining heavily now..

so cooling can~

gotta head to bed after blogging..

gdnite peeps~ =))

Saturday, 4 June 2011

16 Months Old!

Happy 16 months old to my precious boy!! Mummy and daddy loves u so so much! He's getting cuter and cuter each day.. Naughty oso :/

Drinking 120ml-150ml 3-4hourly
Loves to eat egg and fruits
Learning to walk more and more stable now
Loves to disturb ppl >.<
Loves to ask his ah gong to carry him around to on all the wall fans!(bth him)
Loves drinking green tea
Loves to eat baby biscuits
Hates drinking plain water

Tat's all I think~

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