Sunday, 29 November 2009

30 Weeks 1 Day

tml is Z's off day..
happy me..
hopefully can get my dress! *prays hard*
just now 10am plus Elton doing wave inside..
so cute luh!! :D

Saturday, 28 November 2009

30th Weeks <3

Happy 30th weeks to Baby Elton~~!!!!!!!
abt 10 more weeks to go!!
u r mummy and daddy's precious <3

Friday, 27 November 2009

another pair of mitten and bootie for Baby Elton ;D

long time ago bought de

Just now went Chong Pang to walk walk..
wanted to buy mitten and bootie at there,
but the shop nv open =.=
so went Northpoint..
bought one pair of mitten and bootie at Kiddy Palace..
quite ex ba..
buy at Chong Pang cheaper xD
feel like buying maternity dress at Kiddy Palace..
but ex wor!
and dunno i can wear anot >.<
too fat le tats y hard to find clothes!
just now bought Famous Amos Cookie and Bubble Tea :D
was raining cats and dogs when i came back..

Tml will be Baby Elton's 30th week!!!!!!
no more digit 2 le..
now is digit 3 le..
another 10 more weeks Baby Elton will be born~!
so looking forward!
Hopefully Z can off on tis coming tuesday..
we will be going AMK Hub to see the maternity dress..
hopefully got stock and i can wear luh >.<

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

28th Weeks Growth Scan

Yesterday went for growth scan..
one of the scan is showing Baby Elton's ball! (ROFL)
Elton sure very paiseh lor..
everything got seen by ppl le..
the doctor says Baby Elton head is down already..
and he is abt 1.2kg now..
but the scan not really clear lor..
can't see clearly de..
but i'm happy as long can see Baby Elton :D
yesterday paid $140 like tat..
for the scans, consultation fees and medicine..
and the 3D Ultrasound Scan cost $270!!!
so darn ex lor..
TMC charge even cheaper -.-
think no chance to do le..
Yesterday after got off bus felt abit difficult in breathing..
dunno why oso?
at nite felt tat the right side of my tummy feel abit pain..
as if something blocking there..
and my hipbone is hurting more and more..
especially when i got up frm bed -.-
next appointment is at 21st of Dec..
update till here!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

29weeks tummy pics

my tummy got become bigger??
Happy 29weeks to Baby Elton!

Yesterday nite Elton kicked twice for Z to feel :D:D
simply love our precious son =)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Shopping wif elaine

Yesterday last min met up wif elaine..
coz she wanna go bugis to buy things..
we had Sakae Sushi for lunch..
she treated me..
thanks gal!
next time will treat u back=)
She brought quite a few things..
3 dresses, 1 belt, 1 leggings, 1 scarf and some makeup things..
rich gal~
i only brought 1 umbrella..
still thinkin tml mitin yy anot?
maybe will ask her later..

Nowadays when Baby Elton move,
i can see my tummy moving too :D
very very happy me!!
yesterday nite Baby Elton kicked Z's face again..
when he was listening to my tummy!
2 more days to growth scan..
excited to see Baby Elton again!!!
gonna ask doctor wads Baby Elton's weight now,
and how big is he..
tml Baby Elton gonna be 29weeks le!
time passes so fast luh..
i'm wondering when will my belly button popped out?
till now only can see tat its very dark in colour..
and anyone noes how much does it really cost for the 3D scan at KKH?
last appointment asked the staff,
they told me its 200-300 for the scan?
does it really cost so much?

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Baby Elton's Chinese Name

Z and me is thinking a chinese name for Baby Elton..
thinking of naming him 付浩宇..
any comments if it is nice??
pls tag me to let me noe k =)

Short Update

I'm gonna do a short update..

Went for OGTT..
leave hse at 7am like tat..
took bus there..
reached there early again..
so me and Z sat outside waiting..
my mouth was feelin dry already but couldn't drink any water..
so after registered all tat was my turn to go in..
the doctor tried to poke my right arm first..
but my vein was too fine -.-
so she tried left arm..
finally draw my blood..
they gave me the glucose syrup to drink..
its very very awful..
darn sweet..
make me almost vomitted..
den after tat have to come back 1 hr later..
told Z to go and have his breakfast first as he dun have to starve mah..
i sat there seeing Z eating..
but not really feelin hungry coz i felt nauseous..
after tat times up..
took queue number den asked to come back 1 hr later again..
went to buy Sausage Mcmuffin w Egg..
coz scare after blood test will faint..
finally time for 2nd blood test..
done and immediately went Macdonalds..
Z ate again..
he had McSpicy meal..
he was very full after eating his 2nd meal..
we took bus to AMK Hub..
went to buy movie tickets for 2012..
was watching the 2.05pm show..
so while waiting,
went to walk around..
we went NTUC and brought things for Baby Elton again :D
after tat went up for our movie..
brought a popcorn combo..
the movie was fantastic!
very thrilling..
after movie went back home le..
coz we were both very tired..
i only slept 4 hrs before the blood test..
dunno y couldn't fall aslp after i got up for toilet -.-
yesterday Z took 1 day off coz he was too tired..
and now he just came back coz the machine spoil again..
update till here!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

think xuemin given birth le!!

Congrats to xuemin!
heard tat she given birth to dion le!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Elton is 28weeks today!!

2 days din use com le..
anyway today Baby Elton is 28weeks le!!!
happy lah!
which means i'm in 3rd trimester already?

Just saw gugu's blog,
saw tat she is pregnant already!!!!
happy for her!!
finally after waiting for so long..

Frm plurk,
saw tat xuemin will be giving birth today!
hope dion will be out smoothly and safely!

Yesterday Z took 1 day off..
actually we wanted to watch 2012..
but all the timing was full -.-
so we went back to Northpoint..
brought 1 vcd..
the infront part was very naggy..
only the ending part nice -.-
and yesterday we went to rent Tranformers2 to watch..
i wan unlucky yesterday!
lost my ez-link!
inside still got 10 dollars plus lor..
Z brought me a bag yesterday when we were out..
finally got new bag..
today tot Z dun have to go work..
but he still went at 11am plus..
hope he will be back early!
1 more day to my appointment..
hope i will pass!!!!
Z promise to bring me go watch 2012 after my checkup!

P.S I won't be blogging/plurking very often le..
so if u all wanna contact me,
can sms me at 82698173 ( only at nite)
coz daytime my hubby will be using >.<

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Northpoint with yy

Grumpy Laura's photo

Yy wif Laura~

Yesterday evening,
met up wif yy at Yishun..
coz we were both too bored and got nth to do..
waited for yy to reach Yishun mrt..
den we went Northpoint..
yy went to have her late lunch first,
after tat i took photos of laura..
she was very grumpy coz she wanna slp le..
no smiley laura :(
den we headed to Kiddy Palace to see things..
i wanna buy all the things lah!!
but no money..
yy got me a stretchmark cream..
feel really paiseh lor..
coz i didn't get anything for laura..
next time shall buy something for her..
we shopped for abt 2 hrs,
den yy went off to mit xiao han..
i went to buy KFC home and some bread frm BreadTalk..
den went home le..
I think my butt really grow piles!
its been 4 days already..
and i can still feel theres something at my butt -.-
next mon going appointment shall go and ask doctor..
blog till here!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Xuemin's levnie is changed back to dion :D

So ok..
xuemin decided to change back her gal's name to dion!
i'm happy for her~
coz i love the name dion too!
if not i won't vote dion de!
anyway 4 or 3 more days xuemin gonna end all her poor suffering le..
and baby dion will be out!
hope dion will be filial to xuemin lah..
coz xuemin suffered alot for her =)

tis saturday,
Baby Elton will be 28weeks le!!!
which means 7 months of pregnancy!!!!
soon Baby Elton will be out too..
anyway tat day the mother of the child my mum last time babysit,
came to our hse..
she advised me to tell KKH tat i wan to see the same doctor every time for my appointment..
coz she say its the same price when i give birth..
tis comin monday will go and ask..
Z say if they dun allow,
den i will change to clinic B or clinic A..
gonna ask them how much a 3D scan cost too..
wanna see Baby Elton~~~
i am hungry now..
coz breakfast i ate abit of the nasi lemak..
not nice at all..
later might be goin out to buy mcdonalds back~
till here den..

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Xuemin is giving birth~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second post of the day,
heard frm cheryl tat xuemin is giving birth already!!
hope everything goes well for her!!!!!!!!
excited to see levnie eh~~
sure look as pretty as xuemin de!
just now went opposite to have dinner wif family..
had 2 bowls of rice!
maybe too hungry le /.\
afternoon i had maggie mee..
den 4pm plus feel hungry le >.<
i have a very big appetite..
anyway 9 more days to OGTT!
hopefully i can pass!

27th Weeks! <3

I'm here to blog =)
Happy 27th weeks to Baby Elton!!!!!
1 more week to 28th weeks which is 7 months le!!
time passes so fast~

ytd was out for the whole day..
actually Z intend to take half-day off..
but in the end,
he took 1 day off :D
Z brought me out ytd..
we went out at 11am plus..
went to AMK Hub first..
brought my bra, a dimple pillow for Baby Elton~
den we took mrt to Toa Payoh..
went Koufu to have our lunch first..
i had Laksa Yong Tau Foo again!!
Z had Kway Chap..
den we went popular to see books..
Z bought 1 book..
feel really sorry for him..
coz till now he didn't get anything he likes..
all is my things and Baby Elton's things =x
after paying,
went Kiddy Palace to see see..
brought another pair of Mittens and Booties~
actually we wanted to ask yy out..
but called her at 12pm plus she didn't pick up -.-
in the end,
she called back at 1pm plus..
told us she just woke up!
asked her she wanna come TPY anot..
but she say go her place there find her..
so we went Bukit Batok to find her..
reached there,
saw Laura again! :)
shes still soo cute!!
wearing a dress..
we went Westmall to walk walk..
accompany yy to Sakae Sushi to have her lunch..
while yy was eating,
Z was carrying Laura!!!
she was moving alot..
Z was so scared lah!
one thing i can say is.......
Laura really got very strong legs!
she can kick alot especially when shes happy!
after yy finish eating,
we went to Tom & Stefanie to buy things..
we brought a Powder Puff, a Nose Cleaning Clip, a pair of Mitten and Bootie w Cap and a Feeding Bottle..
by tat time was already 5pm plus..
walked till my legs was aching >.<
we decided to go KFC to have our dinner..
yum yum~
after eating,
went to take MRT..
we alight at Khatib while yy alight at Bishan..
shes going to find her aunt..
blog till here!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Monday, 2 November 2009

Congrats to jasmine on the arrival of her babyboy, Jaxson :DD

I'm kinda late i noe..
anyway 2 more weeks to my next appointment!
i'm afraid and nervous lah >.<
hopefully Z will be able to off tml!