Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Babygirl's Stuffs Combined Together :D

Currently are all of babygirl's stuffs. Seems like a lot of clothes already haha. So i shall stop buying her clothes for now. Can't wait to see her wear all those cute clothing ^.^

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

My 25th Birthday Celebration.

I've officially turn 25! Getting older already but it's ok because i am already a mummy of two :) Can't wait to welcome our 2nd bundle of joy in May! February is a cake month. Cause first it's Elton's birthday on the 4th, then 2nd bro's birthday on the 11th and mine on the 22nd. Used to be mum's birthday on the 8th but she's already gone :( Anyway i'm contented with my life now although we don't have our own house yet. Just hope everything will go smoothly from now on.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Baby Bump :)

Taken yesterday. One more day babygirl will be 29 weeks and it's also my birthday! Can't wait to go baby care festival tomorrow with hubby and Elton! =)=)

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Baby Don't Like Jap Curry I Guess.

What i had for dinner

Kids meal for Elton

Strawberry calpis


Chewy junior!

Finally bought a newborn set for babygirl

Bought Elton to amk hub to meet up with sis yesterday. Decided to dine at ichiban sushi cause hubby gotten the monthly $20 staff voucher. Didn't know that i will feel unwell after reaching home. So after dinner we went to Ntuc and bought some stuffs. Love the purple 3D socks especially! And we cabbed home after that. Hubby called at 10+ and after hanging up the call, i feel nauseous and my tummy hurts. As if something was stuck at my throat. Vomited and diarrhea after that. This is the 2nd time i had diarrhea and vomited after eating something ever since pregnant. Felt so much better after that. Guess it's due to the curry.

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Swensens With Bro.

Our food of the day :)


Bought this yesterday when i met up with indri

Happy 28 weeks babygirl! 12 weeks or less to go!

Today after going to toilet at 8am plus, i couldn't sleep back cause babygirl was up moving about actively. Guess she's too hungry. Hehe love baby's kicks! And just now after i ate finish ice-cream, she was moving about again :D Can't wait to go baby care festival next week with hub and Elton. Hub is off on next sat and sun. And sat will be my bday :)

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Friday, 14 February 2014


Yesterday's dinner.

Bro and my drink. Love the oreo!





LOL at Elton's expression

Mummy & son

First time dining at MOF @ amk hub. Prepared and head out with both bros and Elton. Met up with sis there. I actually kinda like the teriyaki chicken bento. And the oreo drink taste superb! After eating we went ntuc for grocery shopping and home sweet home.

Anyway today is valentine's day. To me it's just a normal day to me. 1 more day till my babygirl turns 28 weeks. Woohoo almost 7 months into my pregnancy already!

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Monday, 10 February 2014

3 More Months To My EDD!

The date is getting closer and closer. Feeling excited yet afraid. Just hope that babygirl will be born safely and smoothly. Grow up healthily ok? Daddy, mummy and kor kor can't wait to see u few months later! Now only bought babygirl's clothes, blanket and wash cloth. Still got many more things to buy. Thinking of buying unimom breast pump as recommended by valerie. Clothes really don't need to buy anymore already. Got 0-3m, 3-6m and 6-12m lol! Can't resist buying when i saw those cute designs outside :x

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

More Clothing For Babygirl :D

Brought this few days ago

Brought babygirl's first headband today!

More clothes for babygirl brought by sis :)

2 t-shirts for Elton Kor Kor :)

Today was family day excluding hub and dad who are working. Went for brunch first. Wanted to have the very nice kway chap but it was closed :( So we went sin ming to have duck rice. And we walk all the way to thomson plaza. Went fox kids & baby with sis and brought those cute clothing plus 2 t-shirts for Elton :D Love today's buys hehe! Then we went Ntuc to buy groceries and we cabbed back home.

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

2nd Bro's Birthday.

Had a celebration for bro's birthday at home. Didn't took photos of eldest bro and sis cause their photos is at sis camera.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

初七 - 人日

My naughty lil one

Engrossed in his psp

Dinner at No Signboard Seafood

Lou hei~

Went out with family(excluding hub) from 12pm all the way until 2am then reach home -.- Went tai pei yuan first to pay respect to mum then we went home for a short break. And the lift at our block breakdown again! After that we went out at 4pm and we headed to kallang. Sis drove for the first time after getting her license months ago lol. Then bro brought some Burger King back as i was starving. At about 7pm, we went to no signboard for dinner. Waited for our food for 1 hour plus zzz After dinner, bro drove to Changi village to buy nasi lemak. I had a short nap in the car and we headed home.

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