Saturday, 28 December 2013

Eating And Shopping Day

At Swensens

Finger food~



At Fish & Co.



At Coffee Bean - last stop :p

Our drinks

Happiest buy of the day!

Thanks indri for the christmas prezzie!

Met up with indri at nex. Went to have mac first as Elton was hungry. After that we went to shop around and we decided to have ice cream. So we settled down at swensens. Then we shop around some more and left for novena as indri wanted to buy stuffs there. Brought a romper at square2. Wanted to buy this romper the other time when I saw it at expo and it only cost $5 that time! But i didn't get it because i haven done my detail scan. This time brought it for $8.90 :/ Anyway i'm still happy :D

As Elton was complaining that he was hungry again, we decided to have our dinner at fish & co. Finally get to eat it! Ate till so full! Indri only ordered a salad cause she was too full already. Then we went coffee bean to have drinks and wait for hub to finish work~

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Detail Scan For Baby No.2

20 weeks 5 days. It's a baby girl! =)

Zoom in on baby girl's head

Items brought for baby before gender was known.

2 more sets of mittens and booties for baby girl!

Done my detail scan today at ADC. Previously dr goh did tell us it's a baby girl but i still wanted to wait until my detail scan before we start the real shopping heh. Everything was normal after scanning. Finally the sonographer told us that it was a baby girl! So happy and excited! We were so tired cause my appointment for detail scan was at 10am. Can see that Elton was excited when he saw baby on the screen :) After detail scan, went to specialist clinic B to see dr goh. Did another scanning as i told her i got diarrhea and vomiting 2 days ago. And dr goh says baby keep changing position. At ADC her head was on top and when scanning her position changed again! Lol. Just hope that baby girl will be healthy that's all :) Next appointment will be on the 3rd of february, one day before Elton's 4th birthday. Will be doing OGTT. Got to fast the night before :x

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Royce Nama Chocolate

Yesterday sis brought home Royce chocolate! My first time trying and it's so nice! Wanna try other flavours too! Didn't sleep well at all last night. Only manage to fall asleep at 6am :( So far from yesterday afternoon till now, Elton din have any fever. Hope it continues like this!

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

KKH For The 3rd Time, Xin Wang For Dinner.

Yesterday brought Elton to kkh alone. Cause he's being having fever for 6 days already. And the highest temp was 40.5 degrees. Did blood test again and was normal. This time doctor gave a different antibiotic. Last night Elton didn't have fever but this morning it went up again. After feeding him medicine so far no fever *cross fingers*

Just now went Northpoint to meet sis for dinner. Was craving for the porridge since that time i tried a bit. But when i had the whole pot to myself, I don't find it that nice at all. Lol. After eating accompany sis to shop awhile and we cabbed back.

Btw baby is 20 weeks and 1 day! 4 more days to checkup. Now can feel more movement when i'm lying down flat on my back or lying on my left side. Usually the movement is at below of my tummy. Can't wait to see baby on thursday! Hope everything will be fine!

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

KKH For The 2nd Time.

Brought Elton to kkh again cause he's shivering badly when his temp shoots up. Both hub and i was so worried. Anyway Elton took urine and blood test and all was normal. So doctor says might be because of the tonsil in his throat that's causing the fever. And i went o&g cause there's pus inside my belly button. But the doctor on duty say he can't see any pus inside just that it's very dry inside. Got to listen to baby's heartbeat but was rather difficult to find it at first. Took a cream, moisturizer and a shower foam. Total paid $170+. Kinda regret going there for the 2nd time. But oh well~

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ding Tai Fung ; KKH

Our yummy lunch~

Sick lil boy with his daddy

Finally had dtf with hub and Elton after so long! Elton was down with slight fever since yesterday :( And today suddenly become high fever. Decided to bring him to kkh. Gotten medicine and was asked to sponge him. Gws my lil boy.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Ichiban Sushi.

Yesterday night went Amk hub with both bro and Elton. Wanted to have dinner at fish & co but the queue was longer so we decided to dine at Ichiban sushi instead. I'm still craving for fish & co T.T After dinner, went Ntuc to get some groceries and we cabbed home.

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Short Meetup With Indri Last Week.

07/12/2013 Saturday

Went Bishan last saturday to meet indri cause i was feeling really bored at home. Prepared and brought Elton to take mrt. After meeting, we went food junction to have our dinner. Indri only drink something cause she already eaten. After that we went to buy gong cha then to Ntuc to shop around. It was nice meeting her up even though it was a short one =)

08/12/2013 Sunday

It was another day at home with Elton. So we cam-whore a bit :x Long time since i post this naughty boy's photo heh. And he love to saying my tummy now. Always kissing baby. Feel so happy when he does that.

10/12/2013 Tuesday

We had steamboat plus grill enoki wrapped with bacon for dinner. Real yums even though it was hub's first try! I was the one to suggest to wrap with bacon :) Had a very fulfilling dinner together with sis also.

11/12/2013 Wednesday

Any difference? :D

12/12/2013 Thursday

Went northpoint to get Starbucks yesterday as it was 1 for 1. Brought cranberry white chocolate mocha. First try and it was really nice even though I should not be drinking too much coffee :x Glad that Elton didn't fuss about when he was queuing together with me. And we brought yoghurt back home too.

13/12/2013 Friday

13 more days to my next checkup. Can't wait to confirm baby's gender on the 26th! Want to start shopping already hee. Anyway there's this mom & me warehouse sales at Yishun industrial here. Quite near to our house walking distance only. Might be going this sun with sis.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013


$1.99 ice cream brought from cold storage

My hilarious son lol

Favourite ban mian

Bak kwa brought by sis

Yummilicious durian!

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