Monday, 29 April 2013

Xin Wang Hong Cafe With Elton & Sis

While oow to Northpoint to meet sis

Brought a lollipop for precious

Our drinks

3 pcs chicken

Fried Rice

Pork Ribs

Beancurd Skin Prawn

Siew Mai

"Har Gow"

Brought this spicy rice cake from Dong Dae Mun to try

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ishi Mura

Er ge's


Da ge's


Baobei can't wait to 开动 already!! Haha

Necessities from Kiddy Palace

Today went Northpoint with both bros and Elton to meet sis there after her work. Hub didn't came along cause he was not feeling well :( We dine at Ishi Mura and i really love the omelette rice that i order! Even though it's my first time trying! So wanna go back and eat it again. Hehe. After eating, brought Elton to Kiddy Palace to buy toy as promised to him. Brought other necessities as well. And we headed to Giordano as bro and sis wanna buy jeans. Brought 2 t-shirts for hub as well :) Then to Cold Storage to buy groceries. Brought my third box of Post Marshmallow Pebbles cereal! And also 2 bottles of HL milk (this brand is the only plain milk i am willing to drink :X) Lastly we went Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe to dabao Siewmai and Pork Ribs for hub! Then we went home together =)

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Our Lunch Today :)

Had spaghetti for our lunch today! Very yummy maybe cause i didn't eat it for some time already! Haha. Anyway bro help to cook the sauce, i boil the spaghetti and hub helped to cook it!

Yesterday Elton slept at 2am and he woke up at 8.30am today :( Hub had insomnia and he only manage to sleep at 6am but this naughty boy went to woke up daddy the moment he has woken up :x Usually Elton will wake up his daddy first cause i'm not so easy to wake up/hear noises. Lol. So after we woke up, we brought Elton to see doctor again as he is still having running nose plus his mucus was green colour. Doctor told us it's sinusitis as his nostril is quite swollen. Sounds like quite serious :'( Hope my babyboy will recover soon!

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Overdue photos~

Eating sweets :/

Like a big boy!

Hiding behind mummy^^

Have not been updating my blog recently. So shall do a short post now :) 6th of may will be heading to ica to complete formalities for LTVP. Hopefully hub will be able to get it successfully! Waiting for my pay to be in on end of the month! Still pondering if i should work back for them. But the places are really too far and i have to run around zzz

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Monday, 1 April 2013

3 Years 1 Month Old

29/03/2013 Good Friday

Meeting indri for the second time in a week at Northpoint =D

Lil handsome boy!

Love chuu~

Oow going downstairs to buy things

Carrying 2 umbrellas!

Standing so straight. Lol

The father and son ; loves of my life
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