Saturday, 22 September 2012


Last Day Of Work : 05/10/2012

Told my supervisor on the 21st of September that i will be working until next month as my hub has found a new job and he will be starting work in October. So yeah the only thing she told me is to return my staff card. LOL. Only Ms Sim ask me why am i resigning. It's really a big relief to me as this job is really too tiring and the pay is not that high too even with 2-3 full-shifts per week. So now i'm gonna be a temporary SAHM till Elton got place in childcare. Gonna find one day to go back and return my uniform and stuffs after my last day of work. And the 31st of October still have to go back and take my pay. That's all :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hubby Will Be Starting Work Soon.

Today went to DTF for hubby's interview. Most probably he will be starting work soon. So i will have to go back resign. I should be feeling really happy right as i kept on complaining about my job and stuffs. But now got a bit of 依依不舍 feel. Lol dunno wad's wrong with me. Sad about leaving my very nice colleagues and the bonus i will be getting in december(provided i'm still working in there). Happy that no need to 受气 while working there and everyday come home feeling very tired. Seriously i still got 恐惧感 about hubby working outside :( Hope everything goes well~

Monday, 10 September 2012

Our Beloved Mum.

The photo above is mum taken with Elton..
sigh didn't know that it will be so fast..
everything just happened suddenly..
i will never ever forget how i watched her passed away in the hospital..
I miss u mum!
i really do!
Have to thank my both aunt who help us out on the funeral and stuffs..
without them we really don't know what to do!
So mum got cremated on 04/09/2012 at Mandai..
now then i realised how important she is to me..
I'm sorry mum for treating u badly in the past..

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

31 Months Old!

Happy 31 months to my precious son!

Daddy, Mummy and ur Ah Ma(in heaven) will always love u!
i know that slowly when u grow up,
u will definitely forget that u have a Ah Ma..
just hope that u will grow up healthily and happily..