Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My 23rd Birthday!

Brought by one of the auntie at my workplace!



Kimchee Nabe and Unagi Pot Rice

Stew Chicken Sticks

Ebi Tempura

So fast i have turn 23 years old!

getting older already Zzzz

As usual went to work..

and after work,

sis treated me to Watami Restaurant as my birthday treat!

we went to the one at Ion Orchard..

quite a gd atmosphere at there..
enjoyed myself!

thanks sis!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mum's Birthday! 11thFeb2012

Elton and ah yi ^.^

Elton and ah gong

Elton and ah ma

Look at how happy my lil boy is!

Elton loves strawberry!

Shall update about mum's birthday celebration..

sis went to buy a birthday cake for mum this afternoon..

and she bought a bracelet for mum..

we had the cake cutting session after dad is back from work..

Elton was really excited maybe he thought that it's his birthday again! Lol

This week i was off from friday to sunday as i exchanged my offday with one of my colleagues..

but time seems to pass so fast everyday! :(

sigh really wish that i could stay at home everyday..

So now the next birthday coming up will be mine..

on the 22nd of this month..

doubt that there will be any celebrations as i will be working on that day :'(

anyway i just wanna wish my mum a happy birthday!

hope u enjoy urself today!

do stay healthy and happy always!

love u =)

Monday, 6 February 2012

2 Years Old!

Happy boy!

Elton waiting to cut his cake

Birthday gift by ah yi

Elton's 2nd birthday cake

Daddy and son :)

Family photo

Love tis pic :)

Mummy and son

04/02/2012 is the day my lil boy turn 2 years old!

brought Elton out to Northpoint for shopping,

after tat went to Breadtalk to buy his birthday cake :)

simple yet enjoyable day..

headed home and sis says she's buying a tricycle for Elton as his birthday present..

so sis, me and Elton went to Kiddy Palace to choose his present..

At nite we had a mini celebration for Elton..

still can't believe tat my son is already 2 years old!

mummy hopes tat u will grow up healthily!

love u my precious boy!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Tis gal is a few months older than Elton

So afraid of her.. Lol

Traumatized :x

Today went to coco's hair salon for hubby and my haircut! Brought Elton along together with us.. And the auntie's niece was there too.. At first Elton was afraid to get near her coz he dun dare to get near to strangers.. In the end didn't know tat the little gal was so aggressive! :X Lol

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