Thursday, 31 March 2011

Elton Said "Pa Pa"

Yesterday is the first time i heard Elton saying "Pa pa"! was so surprised when he said it.. anyway will only be getting my pay on the 7th.. sigh.. and 4 more days to Elton's 14th month! wanna wish cloud a happy 1st bday! grown up already muz listen to ur mummy! and tml is isabelle's 1st bday =D

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Very First LongChamp Bag!

Back to blog.. Been in a daze for tis few days.. I dunno wth is wrong wif me too tat I even gave up the chance to select rental flat.. Sigh.. It's all too late now.. Today evening den I finally "wake up".. Anyway today sis came back frm Hong Kong and she bought me a LongChamp bag!! I nv ever thought tat I would own a LongChamp bag! Pics below ^.^

The things sis bought for Elton

Yummy biscuits frm Hong Kong Disneyland

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rental Flat

Received the selection of rental flat letter yesterday..
our appointment will be on the 16th..
hope will be able to select the flat tat we wanted..
tueday will be finishing work at 1.05pm!
happy happy..
tis month will be my 3 months working in isetan..
hopefully i will become a confirmed staff by end of tis month..
my lil boy nv fails to crawl and climb around still..
bth him!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Takashimaya Baby Fair 2011

Today went to the baby fair.. Dunno is it too little items or I am feeling too restless tat I feel rather bored there.. Usually I will be very excited abt baby fair.. After tat went to kiddy palace den back home.. I'm feeling so excited for bella! She is going to induce today midnight! Bb Lyanne is coming out soon! Hope she will have a smooth delivery :)

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I have been sick for 4 days.. Been having on and off fever.. Totally got no strength to do anything.. Yesterday my fever finally subside.. Anyway received the items I ordered online.

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Friday, 4 March 2011

13 Months Old!

It's the 4th now!
Happy 1 year 1 month to my babyboy!
mummy loves u alot alot!
today bought Elton to bishan to mit michelle..
passed her some baby stuffs and sis came to mit me..
went to buy koi and i saw Huan Yun in the interchange..
after tat headed to see paediatrician..
coz he's still having cough and flu :(
after seeing,
went to buy things den saw my last-time fren!
used to tok to her when i was still working in prime..
it's like 2 yrs since we last saw each other..
after tat cab home wif sis..
and theres work tml :/

Drinking 150ml 3-4 hourly
Loves to snatch food with us
Can walk with support
Loves to crawl and climb up and down
Getting more and more mischievious!