Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Loots From Qoo10!

Parcels! So happy to receive my parcels when i opened the mailbox!

My Beauty Diary facial mask at $1 each!

Concealer at $3.90! Cheap right?

Makeup palette at $7.90 only!

Gotten these items on Qoo10! Was really skeptic about the makeup palette at first. Cause i saw many questions regarding their order that they either didn't receive it, or it was being destroyed when they receive it. So i was really glad that mine was in good condition! Hopefully the makeup palette will blend well easily. Shipping time is considered short so i'm really happy with my online buys =)

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

NEX Shopping Mall With Indri.

Pardon me for spamming photos!

Look at Elton's heavy eyes cause he was feeling sleepy already

Act cool by putting one of his hand into pocket. Lol

Evidence of Indri jiejie bullying :P

Happy *.*

The clothes that indri brought back from USA!

Finally got the chance to meet up with indri today! Been long since we last met. Brought Elton along to NEX to meet up with indri. Was so shocked to see that she had slim down so much! Totally a different person now! I am so envy of course. Indri has become a pretty and slim lady now =) And she look great with her new hairstyle! So after we met, we went to Wendy's to have our lunch. And she took out a bag full of clothes from her bag. So thankful for her to always buy clothing for Elton whenever she's back!

After eating, we went to walked around NEX. Headed to Ntuc wanted to search for balloons as requested by my boy. But we didn't find any. Then we went to buy ShareTea. Treated indri as she haven't drank before. Finally got the chance to treat her something. Walked around some more and we finally found balloons at Kiddy Palace! Then we went upstairs and indri brought t-shirts for herself. And this mischievous Elton dropped his pack of balloons onto basement. Had to quickly bring him down to find it. Thankfully somebody picked it up and put onto the chair.

Really regretted not bringing pram along cause Elton was so cranky while we were on our way back. We found a place to seat at level 3 and it was taking pictures time! Bribe my lil boy with sweets in order for him to seat down quietly. Heheh. Took some photos and we decided to leave. Reached Bishan and indri and i went our own ways. Took the jurong east side mrt and it was very crowded as it was peak hour by the time we leave. Had to carry Elton while i was holding 3 bags of things plus my bag. Thankfully an lady give up her seat to me. And Elton decided to fall asleep when we were about to reach Yishun. Wanted to cab home at Yishun mrt but i was already reaching interchange. Took 811 home and i almost thought that i can't make it back home. Anyway had a really good time meeting up with indri! Thanks a lot for the clothes once again! :)

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Monday, 25 March 2013


Had been so lazy to update my blog now. Must quit this bad habit! Anyway i don't know if anyone still reads my blog? Hmm, currently hunting for jobs urgently! How i wish i can get a job that i really wanted but not because i got experience in that job. Really want to try out an office job but i got no experience nor qualification :'( Sigh...

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Family Pass To Hokey Pokey

Won this free family pass from Ntuc Media. Participated in one of the contest and i actually won it! I am surprised too as i was just trying my luck. I remembered i went to a website and there's contest to participate in. But now seriously i can't remember which website -.- My memory is failing me. Anyways thanks to Ntuc! The second time i have won something from them. First was a pair of movie voucher! Hehe

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Fashion Cross Bag For $1

Won this cross bag from Qoo10 through auction! It was an instant draw. Have tried a couple of times before but didn't manage to win it. And yesterday midnight at 1am, i tried to bid again. By the third time i tried, i was really shocked that i've actually won it!! This is my first time winning something that i bid for $1! Really happy can! And i have just ordered it =) Can't imagine that i am so lucky. Haha

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Belated 24th Birthday Present

My Coach wristlet is finally here! Waited for almost 3 weeks to receive it! Its my very first time owning something from Coach and i love it so so much! And it is in my favourite colour, purple! Hehe.

Now that it's already march, means more things to stress about. Flat, Elton's nursery. Flat definitely we won't be able to pay for it now. Hopefully we can enrol Elton in nursery soon! We don't want him to be lagging behind others :( Now we are still waiting for the march intake. Sigh, hubby's job confirm no more already. And we have to apply for LTVP again. Means more money we will be spending too. Can't remember much but i know we must pay a $90 and a $120? Spent so much just on a LTVP :/ I gotta get a job real soon if not how are we going to pay the bills and stuffs and Elton's milk powder and diapers. Thankfully sis just brought a tin of milk powder and dad lend me money to buy Elton's diapers. Now that i am urgently needing a job, why did i have to fall sick at this time? Came back from interview and i'm having sore throat. Soon cough and fever came to find me too. How great isn't it? Now this sickening cough still won't go away! Please don't play a joke on me anymore!

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