Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ding Tai Fung And Chinatown

Ding Tai Fung @ Wisma Atria

All these for 2 adults and 1 toddler! Lol

Daddy & son xoxo

Brought 3kg of these! 1kg for $18 :/

Today was a day out with hub and Elton! Prepared at around 11+ and we headed out to take mrt to orchard. Went wisma there to have our brunch at Ding Tai Fung! After eating, we went to my previous working place. Saw my ex-colleagues! Went to isetan scotts level 3 to have a look at the Nike shoes for Elton. Saw one design that we both like but too bad no bigger sizes :( In the end we left there and went to take mrt to Chinatown. Brought Lim Chee Guan bak kwa! Hub was so nice to buy 2 types at one time. And we waited for quite sometime cause there was a long queue. After buying it was time for shopping at the 年货市场!! It's been a long time since i went there. Our first buy was the jellies from Taiwan. Not cheap ok 1kg for $18 and its only left 15 pieces? Cause the jelly itself plus the packaging was quite heavy. And we brought the 黑金刚花生 and 五香瓜子 plus a pineapple tart. Finally we brought the "Ah Boys To Men" disc! The new year disc was free btw. And we actually went back and brought another 2kg of jellies -.- lolol Kinda regret it cause we paid $54 altogether for 3kg of jellies. Heartache even though the seller gave us free jellies. Anyway today was a fruitful day though hub wanted to buy new year clothings for Elton and i. But all we brought was foooood. Elton was really cranky after awhile cause he wants to nap, so hub went to dabao some food and we cabbed home~
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shaw Theatres Movie Voucher

Won a pair of movie vouchers from Shaw Theatres. Only manage to go and collect it together with sis and Elton today! Feel so happy though all i have done was to liked a few pictures in the "Labour Of Love" contest held by Ntuc Singapore! Never thought that i will be so lucky to won this :) Have to thanks Kelynn, Ethan and Emilie's mummy! She was the one to msg me in fb to inform me. Cause actually there was a friend request from Ntuc Singapore but i didn't accept the request immediately. Gradually i even forgot about the friend request :X So anyway thanks to Ntuc Singapore for this pair of movie vouchers!!

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Naughty Precious.

露香肩 =PP

Hubby trimmed his hair a lil bit

& a vain me to end this post. Haha
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Friday, 4 January 2013

35 Months Old!

Happy 35 months to my precious boy! One more month u will be turning 3! My lil boy has really grown up to be more sensible now. Daddy and mummy is so proud of u darling! Most probably gonna celebrate at home for Elton's 3rd birthday :)
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