Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Free gift :)

Just now i went downstairs to the newly opened Ck..
spend abt $20 and these are the free gifts!
i love free gifts can!
i'm a typical housewife :D

Saturday, 25 September 2010


My babyboy noes how to clap his hands already!
sometimes when he's really excited,
he will ownself clap hands for a few times!
guess he learn frm his ah gong..
coz his ah gong always clap hands when carrying him..
and he still love being carried by his ah gong =)
but Elton is getting really naughty now!
keep shouting like nobody's business..
but i still love him alot :D

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Baby Elton Is Teething! :)

On the 7th,
at 7 months 3 days old,
i spotted Elton's gums got white thingy!
later on was double confirm he is teething!
happy for my lil boy :)
now it's getting more and more obvious especially when he smile..
and he really love to bite things now..
i should be really careful now when cleaning his gums =x

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Yesterday i was down wif slight fever, sore throat and headache..
today fever went down butt i'm still having sore throat..
damn pain!
was feeling sleepy for the whole day..
thanks sis for helping me bath Elton and taking care of him in the mornin,
so tat i can go and take a nap..
now sis bought me strepsils and koi..
i noe i shouldn't be drinking koi now..
i miss Z alot..
everytime when i needed u,
u were not by my side :(

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Goodwood Park Mooncake

Second post of the day!

Few days back, future bil bought mooncakes frm Goodwood Park! My first time eating their mooncake! I prefer the cempedak and durian.. I muz say their durian mooncake is heavenly!!! Now den I noe why Michelle and co are so in love wif GWP's durian puff! No chance for me to try out though :(

I guess u all muz be missing seeing Elton's pic rite??? Hehehe

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Today is reagan's full month,
but sad to say i can't go..
due to my painful leg..
Few days ago,
my left ankle just suddenly become swollen and freaking painful..
went to see doctor,
doctor says it's infection..
till now it's still hurting :(
Recently i was not in a gd mood..
due to some matters..
basically was crying myself to slp almost every nite..
but now i think all the sad things is all over..
i am happier now..
dun worry,
we are fine now..
maybe i was too petty and paranoid..
i wan to thanks all plurk babes for the concern!
feel so touched :)


Happy Full Month to Baby Reagan!

Monday, 6 September 2010


Just now my sis suddenly called me over and told me to touch Elton's gums..
she said tat she saw white thingy on Elton's gums..
so i went over,
and indeed saw white thingy!
and when i touch it was kinda hard..
so happy! :D

Saturday, 4 September 2010

7 Months Old!

Since i got nth better to do,
shall update my blog..

Its the 4th of September,
which means Elton turns 7 months old!!
Happy 7th month baby,
mummy will always love u! (Y)

Drinking 150ml 2-3 hourly
1 cereal/porridge per day
Dun really like drinking water
Loves to shout
Loves to lift up his leg and eat
Will giggle when wipe his neck
Can walk around using walker
Loves to walk sideways (idk why oso)
Hates lying down unless he is really tired
Hates sophia =x
Hates it when nobody play wif him

Update till here!