Thursday, 27 November 2014

Babygirl Is Down With UTI.

Bought Arielle and Elton to polyclinic yesterday coz Arielle's urine got a foul smell when she woke up on Tuesday. Hence i was suspecting that she might be having UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). So i went to google about the symptoms. And indeed it seems like it. Made an appointment at 12pm and we reached polyclinic at 11.45am, waited until almost 1pm then it's Arielle's turn. Got send to the lab for an urine test. Waited for quite long because she just urine not long ago. Then it was lunch time and we were told to go back after 2pm.

Finally doctor called and confirmed that Arielle is down with UTI. Was prescribed with antibiotic for 10 days. Doctor told me that she saw some pus and blood organism? Got a scare when i heard of blood at first. Coz i didn't see any blood in her urine. And we were told to do another urine test for the urine culture. When the lab staff was about to put the urine bag, i saw that Arielle has just poo-ed! So we got to wait again for her to urine this time round. Then we went to get medicine and make payment. Arielle got referred to KKH for urine test i think. Coz she didn't have any symptoms at all. So now i'm waiting for KKH to call and inform me when is the appointment. Finally we left the polyclinic at almost 6pm. What a long and tiring day~

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Baby Arielle's First Brown Rice Cereal.

Healthy Times Brown Rice Cereal

First taste..

Spitting out the cereal -.-

What expression is that??

Eeeww taste yucky

Did a collage of all the photos.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Pictures Time


This is really funny because babygirl don't dare to move at all when my dad let her lie down like this lol


The other day in the circle line, it was very cold so i let babygirl wear jacket hehe

Her tongue looks really long in this picture :/

Playing with my legs again

I'm wearing a dress romper!

Sweet lil girl

Gong xi gong xi~ (Though not yet new year haha)

Ok, this picture looks like she's pointing the middle finger if u didn't look carefully lol

Adorable siblings

Looking more and more alike^^

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Updates Of This Few Days.

Showing off his new Tayo

So innocent-looking

Had my fav 925 chicken rice the other day!

Strawberry strudel

The three of us :)

Found a Minnie Mouse at home :D

My handsome boy's ootd for yesterday

Yesterday bought Elton to KKH ENT for review. Coz he was hospitalised in Aug 2014. So far doctor says everything is fine. And he don't need to go back anymore. 2nd of Dec Elton still need to go back for his elbow review. Hopefully he has fully recovered already!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Taobao Buys (November 2014)

1st batch of loots

2nd batch of loots

So i finally received all my taobao buys! Happy max and pleased with most of the loots. I always anyhow add into cart and buy lol. But the waiting time can kill seriously~ Especially when waiting for the items to reached china warehouse. 3 of my items took so long to reached. And i had to separate into 2 batches because i exceed the total of 20 parcels. Looking forward to more buys haha =P

Sunday, 16 November 2014

llao llao ; 49seats

10/11/2014 Monday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Taken at Ion Orchard. Sis and Elton

Yummy 4fingers!

Received Nestle stage 2 sample at night


 11/11/2014 Tuesday

Bullied by baby :(

This is the pajamas that i ordered wrongly for Elton last time. Still thought that it's gonna be a waste. Thankfully now can let meimei wear :D

12/11/2014 Wednesday

Received the bibs which i ordered online

13/11/2014 Thursday

Bought both kids to Khatib to have my fav roti prata!

Look at her round tummy :x


Arielle loves to lift up her legs and play now

Sitting on her own but still not stable yet

14/11/2014 Friday

"大头照" haha

Otw out with korkor to meet indri zehzeh

Nanny of the day :P

We had Manhattan Fish Market for dinz

While waiting for indri to buy llao llao!
Yay we finally got to try it! Yummy will be back for more!

15/11/2014 Saturday

Unhappy face

Cheerful again :)

Preparing to go 49seats with ahyi and mummy

Son's ootd

Sis and her soup lol

Loveeee my Creamy Smoked Duck Pasta! So yummy! And the cheese fries is such a big portion that we had a hard time finishing it lol

That's all for the updates. Good night~