Saturday, 31 July 2010

Northpoint :)

Loots for yesterday

Sophie the giraffe

Elton wif Sophie the giraffe

Yesterday bought Elton to northpoint on my own.. Went to buy MagMag for Elton and magazines for myself :) Today went amk hub's mum & babes to buy Sophie the giraffe for Elton.. As recommended by eve mummy :) Anyway i'm waiting for the august's taka baby fair!

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Update 

Recently lil boy keep wanting to lift up his legs and play.. Mad cute when he does tat! I wonder will he ever feels tired lifting both of his legs up? And he loves to bully me now :(

Enjoy the pics below!


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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First Neoprint With Hubby And Baby Elton

Today is Z's off day so we bought Elton to bugis.. Z went to the office first den we headed to bugis junction.. Took our very first neoprint wif Baby Elton! Hehe.. Den went yoshinoya for brunch.. Den we took mrt back to northpoint, bought bubble tea and pork ribs frm Xin Wang! Den backed home.. Hereby wishing Eunice all the best for her delivery!

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Skin Allergy

Babyboy is having skin allergy now..
coz my mum fed him fried banana yesterday when i already told her many time not to fed him..
all she say is coz Elton wanted to eat..
i merely walk away for awhile and such thing happened..
today bought him to see chinese physician,
i'm applying cream for him now and see how things go..
during nite time he will start to scratch his face..
i noe its very itchy for him..
breaks my heart to see him like tat :'(
hopefullly Elton will recover soon!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Holding His Bottle On His Own

Lil boy has learned how to hold his bottle! Hehe, damn cute when he does tat! Now he's busy talking to himself.. Guess he is waiting for his daddy to be back frm work? Today ordered the Big Bites Pizza to try, taste kinda not bad :) Gotta go entertain him already! Ciaoz

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Monday, 12 July 2010

My Lil Botak Boy

Today bought Elton for a haircut, now he became a botak! Haha but me like =D When cutting halfway, he begin to cry and fuss around.. Mainly because he's scared of the woman who's shaving his hair? Hmm but after coaxing him, he's ok already.. Tml Z gonna start work again.. Sighs.. How i wish he could accompany me everyday! Anyway 2 more days to Elton's 5th month jab!

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Massive Photos

Happy Elton and his ah yi

Sis and Babyboy!

Happy grandma :)

Like grandfather like grandson

Happy ah gong carrying his favourite grandson

I find tis expression of my dad damn funny!

Daddy and Precious Son

Mummy and Precious Son

Tml will be Z's first off day, but he gotta go for checkup den to their HR to sign contract.. Most probably i'm going wif him together wif Elton.. Just now had a crazy time taking photo wif Elton, mum, sis and dad.. Haha kept laughing non stop and Elton only got one expression, STUNNED face!

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Jaynerbel is out!!

Emily has given birth today!
feel so happy for her..
somemore she's NVD w/o Epidural!!!!!!!!
pei fu her!!
she's soooo brave lor..
can't wait to see jay's pic..
muz be as pretty as her mummy!
once again,
congratulations emily!
u've done well :)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Emily Jiayou!

Heard tat emily has been admitted for inducing,
hope she will be dilated soon!
and jay will guai guai come out!
She's inducing makes me think of the time i was been induced too..
so freaking scary for me during the 1st nite..
all by myself as Z couldn't stayed wif me..
and i have to endure the contractions all by myself!
tat time i seriously tot of giving up,
but for the sake of Elton,
decided to hang on!
i think all mummies are the greatest!
so kudos to all the mummies :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010


Cute lil laura :)

Today went Westmall wif Z and Baby Elton to mit up wif yy mummy.. Laura is getting cuter and she can walk without support already! And when i wan to carry her, she just let me carry :) Went to have dinner at food court den to Tom & Stefanie to buy things.. after tat back home!

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Amk Hub (yet again)!

Yesterday went amk hub wif mum, bro, Z and Baby Elton.. First we went to have lunch first den to shopping.. After tat headed to Ntuc and bought 4 packs of diaper for Baby Elton.. Yes call us kiasu! Haha.. And we bought some groceries and food for steamboat.. Reached home, Z set up the table for steamboat.. And we watch Being Human while eating.. Super full after eating.. Anyway today is Z's first day at work and it oso means it's the first day i got to take care of Baby Elton all by myself! So wish Z and me all the best!

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Marina Square

Today went marina square wif Z and Elton.. Bought 2 rompers and a Vtech toy for Elton.. After tat headed to burger king to have lunch.. Den to amk hub to walk walk den back home :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Capella S705

Me and my BabyBoy!


Back home!

Today went AMK Hub to mit hubby's fren..
he bought a Capella Pram for Elton..
both of us like it very much :)
muz have cost him quite alot..
after we gotten the pram,
went walk walk for awhile before heading back Yishun..
decided to go Xin Wang HongKong Cafe again..
had Siew Mai, Pork Ribs again..
damn yummy can..
after eating,
headed home and my both my aunt were here..
2nd aunt gave me a $50 Ntuc Voucher..
telling me to go and buy milk powder for Elton..
she's quite nice to me..
frm the period of my pregnancy,
when she came to my hse,
she will definitely pass me some money before she leave..
she will tell me to go and buy some food for myself..
and tis time she gave me voucher because she dunno wad to give..
thanks aunt!