Thursday, 31 October 2013


Today marks the 3rd! 26th will be seeing S L Goh. Excited yet worrying about bills :/ Hope won't cost too much!

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Pique Nique, 1Night 2Day Soju Bang

Saturday 26/10/2013

Brought Elton to orchard to meet indri and yih lin. Had our light lunch at pique nique. My first time there :) Then we went isetan scotts to walk around. After that we took mrt to tanjong pagar for korean bbq! My 2nd time being there and I still love the food there! Especially the marinated chicken. Slurps! Ate till really full there and because it was raining, the ladies suggested to go WA Bar to chill out. They had beer while I drank my sharetea there. Lol. Sat till 8.30pm and it was time to go back. Took mrt to novena to fetch hubby.

Sunday 27/10/2013

Went chong pang with Elton after bath for him. Had pork porridge and satay cause of sudden craving heh. Finally had some decent pork porridge after months of not having it. Cause the coffeeshop here totally no taste at all. This boy only ate pork porridge while I had 15 sticks of satay all on my own! But very yummy haha!

Monday 28/10/2013

Today collected Elton's class photo. I totally LOL while looking at his own portrait! My grumpy boy~ Like so unhappy like that.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dinner Tonight.

Had dinner at sakae with both bro and Elton. There's some more sushi which I forgot to take picture. Lol. Anyway ate till very full there. Then went arcade to play. And elder bro actually spend almost 50 bucks topping-up the card to play the candy machine. And we gotten a full bag of candies in the end. After that went Xin Wang to have a drink and some dim sum! Yummeh. Ate lots of food today! =)

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Finally got to try KK doughnuts! Met up with sis and her bf at tangs orchard. They were already queuing for it! Quite a lot of ppl :/ Heard many ppl rave about the original, imo a lil too sweet but still tasty! Love the assorted flavours too :) Hub love the original flavour. Wouldn't mind going to buy again! And we brought 4fingers chicken back home! Love the drumsticks!

Nov gonna be a very poor month :( Gonna pay $300 fine plus Elton's school fee for nov-dec which is $321 zzz Hope my appointment won't cost too much! It's still early cause i got to wait till end of nov.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Update A Lil Bit :)

Yesterday was a day out with hub and Elton. Waiting time was still consider ok. Did BT too. Was really afraid at first but after a while is ok already. Left at about evening time. Back at Yishun to buy some finger food and share tea. And we are back home :) It's really amazing~

Tml gonna have a short meet up with indri! So nice of her to purposely meet me at novena so that later on i can fetch hubby and go back together :) can't wait can't wait.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Baby Market 2013

Buys from baby market.

The scooter i ordered online^^

Yesterday brought Elton to expo as he got no school. Kinda regret going when i thought there won't be lots of people :/ Went in walked one round and only manage to buy the freeze-dried fruits. Decided to msg indri and ask if she's free to meet up after her work. I'm really glad that she came to meet me cause her workplace was near expo too. Saw Valerie when we was sitting outside expo :) Sat awhile and we headed to changi city point for late lunch. Then to walk around while waiting for indri. Finally it was 6pm and we went to baby market to get more stuffs. But the fair was quite disappointing with lotsa people and queue. Not much stuffs to buy imo. After buying, we headed to robinsons fair. Brought some tidbits and we went back changi city point for dinner. Settled our dinner at bagus. Then i called hubby to ask him if he want to meet later at Yishun. In the end, hubby alight at Bishan to wait for us :) Really thankful to have indri around to help me look after Elton so i can get more stuffs!

Reached home and saw that the scooter i ordered online is here. Elton was very excited despite not napping for the whole day. Glad that he likes it =)

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen Again!

Elton's ootd for children's day celebration :)

Men-Ichi for ramen again lol

Today fetch Elton from school with hub and we went Northpoint for ramen! Cause hub was working in the evening. It was hub's first time there. Glad that he like the spicy miso ramen too! I really can eat it many times without feeling sian lol. After eating walked around Northpoint for awhile and we are back home. Hub has just left the house for work.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen

Yesterday met up with sis after her work with Elton. Has sudden craving for spicy miso ramen and sis treat me! Heh. The ramen taste rather good almost same like the one i had before at Isetan. Slurps love the soup! Ordered a kids meal for Elton :) Before dinner we went Ntuc to buy some groceries. And we are back home after buying some biscuit :))

Today i brought Elton to Northpoint after school, had our lunch at mos burger! Elton loved the mos chicken a lot. After that went cold storage to buy laksa lamian and my favourite cereal. And i brought a Thomas training chopstick for Elton. It cost $16.95(faint :X) Couldn't control myself and i went to buy more biscuits. 4 boxes of biscuit for $19 -.- Over-spent today zzz

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