Monday, 28 July 2014

The Brother And Sister.

Elton: Introducing my meimei to u all~

Do we look alike?

Look at naughty boy's expression lol

Arielle: I got 2 dimples same as my korkor. Right side not as obvious, left side is more obvious

Stoned face xD

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Favourite 龙须糖

Yummy Durian Sago from Ah Chew Desserts!

Fell in love with Imei Milk Tea Ice-Cream!

Crisp Choco

Fiesta Hokkaido Cheesecake

I can finally get to eat Unagi Sushi after more than 1 year of not eating. (Didn't eat since pregnant with Baby Arielle)

Starbucks Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe 1-for-1

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Baby Arielle Got Admitted.

Ward 66 Bed 2
Poor lil babygirl

Have to sleep on the cooling mat coz her fever keep coming back :(

19/07/2014 Day 3 at KKH

21/07/2014 Day 5: Ready to discharge!

Reached home but looking so emo

GWS babygirl!

Baby Arielle was admitted to KKH on 17/07/2014. The day before she was having cough and when she woke up i feel that her forehead was hot. So i decided to take her temperature and it was 38.2 degrees. Decided to bring her to polyclinic with Elton. When we reached, nurse took her temperature and it was 38 degrees. Immediately her queue no. was called by the doctor. Doctor advise me to bring her to KKH as he could not prescribe any medication for her. Inform hubby and we took the referral letter and cabbed down to KKH. Reached there nurse took the temperature but the fever already went down. Doctor decided to admit her as she was less than 3 months old and having fever. Doctor got a staff to help me proceed with the admission as i was alone with 2 bubz. So we were bought up to Ward 66 after the admission. Evening hubby finished work early and came over from his workplace. Night time hubby was the caregiver and i went home with Elton. Poor lil babygirl have to do suction coz she was having lots of mucus. Doctor took some mucus to test and it was positive for virus infection. That explains why she is having fever. Was actually able to discharge early but her fever keep coming back so Baby Arielle got to stay longer. Doctor only gave her eyes and nose drop coz her eyes keep having greenish discharge since birth.

Was so happy yesterday when doctor say Baby Arielle can be discharge! Finally after 5 days of stay at KKH. So far the fever didn't come back *Cross fingers*. Now we still have to monitor her and take her temperature. And we also bought the nose cleaner and it was quite useful. Previously Baby Arielle refused to drink milk when the mucus was stuck at her nose so nurse have to keep bringing her to do suction. But do too many time is not good also coz can hurt the inside of the nose. So happy to have my babygirl back home! =)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Baby Arielle Is 2 Months Old!

Happy 2 months to my babygirl! Daddy, mummy and korkor loves u a lot! Grow up healthy ok!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lil Precious~

Kor Kor and Mei Mei

Cheeky look lol!

Hmm thinking of something~


Little Sister

Having sweet dreams~

Kor Kor Elton

Bringing my both LO out on my own

Tummy time but actually i'm eating my mitten :P

How do i look with my new headband?


Funny expression~

Here to upload photos of my 2 precious. Elton has been getting on my nerves recently. Guess he is just finding ways to attract attention? Sigh, he is always purposely talking loudly or shouting whenever Arielle is asleep. Have told him not to do so coz he will wake meimei up. But he simply don't listen to me. Making me fed up and scold him. I know i need to have more patience but i really can't take it especially now when my boob are still hurting. Pls let me recover real soon if not really will ki siao!

Anyway 3 more days Baby Arielle will be turning 2 months old. Can't wait for her head to be stable so that i can use the ergo baby carrier to bring her out!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Painful Boobs Once Again.

Been experiencing swollen nipple and areola since 26th Of June, Thursday. Missed a pump session and when i came back home to pump, found out that my left nipple and areola was swollen :( Had fever in the afternoon then i know i've gotten mastitis. Coz my left breast was red and swollen. Went to KKH on 2nd Of July, Wednesday to see LC. And she helped me to massaging and squeeze out the milk that was stuck there. It was so so painful i swear! Was advised to continue massaging and hand expressing every 3 hourly coz it was still swollen. Now the lump has gotten a bit smaller but it's still painful sigh. Wonder why will i really recover? So damn painful to roll and squeeze my nipple and areola! Been putting cold cabbage but seems not much use though. Never will i want to experience all this difficulties again!