Saturday, 30 January 2010

39 Weeks!

39 weeks today!!
1 more week left!

Tis few days,
Z keep on askin Elton when he is going to come out..
i told him,
Elton sure say..
still got 1 more week,
dun keep rushing me!

i have been feeling sharp pain at the left of my lower abdomen..
especially when i came back frm toilet and just lie down..
it lasted for like 30secs like tat b4 it will go away..
i am really bored and hungry now!!
later my 2 aunt is coming to cook the vinegar and ginger trotter..
dunno how they cook oso..
and i hate vinegar and ginger the most!
but i think i still got to eat during confinement =x
1 more day to checkup..
till now Elton dun seem to have any signs of coming out..
hope Elton will guai guai come out k..
after February anyday oso can :D

Thursday, 28 January 2010

1 Digit Left!!

9 more days to go!!!!!

Now left 1 digit le..
so fast..
and i'm getting more and more excited!!
3 more days to next checkup..
1 more day to my 39weeks of pregnancy!
dunno next checkup will noe i'm dilated anot..
or Elton's head is engaged anot?
hopefully got gd news next monday!!

anyway today is cheryl's 18th bday!

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thanks alot!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Slipped and landed on butt

Yesterday nite,
as usual went to toilet b4 going to bed..
after i finished,
i stood up and due to floor slippery,
i slipped and landed on my butt..
i was so scared tat i might have hurt Elton..
but thank god till now no bleeding and tummy nv pain..
i was so scared yesterday nite!
told Z abt it,
at first he scolded me for being careless..
den later he noe is my sis washed her clothes but didn't wash away the soap..

Today Z told my parents abt it,
and my mum called my sis too..
dunno wads her reaction..
but maybe she dun care at all..
now my butt and leg is aching..
due to the fall..
i muz be more careful in future..
really hope Elton will be safe and sound inside!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Today went Northpoint's Guardian,
finally found the liquid for washing!
din noe its at the Pharmacy there..
tis was introduced by a mummy to be at MummySg Forum..
it got numbing effect so won't feel so pain when washing..
hopefully its useful for me!
gotta hurry and buy cotton ball..
coz my EDD is getting nearer..
next saturday will be 6th of February already!!
and tis saturday will be my 39weeks of pregnancy..
will Elton come out b4 tat?
anyway today afternoon had KFC..
yum yum..
tml will be a busy day for me and Z..
we are heading down to ICA wif my parents and 2nd bro..
hopefully everything will be settled tml =)
Now i'm hungry already..
haven had my dinner yet..
gonna ask Z to cook noodles for me soon..
Elton has been kicking my ribcage since just now..
guess he is really hungry..
so i'm off frm here le~

Monday, 25 January 2010

Today went for checkup..
did routine test den ctg..
but after awhile,
a nurse came in and ask me to wait outside..
later she will call me in..
so waited and waited..
finally the midwife called me in..
after ctg,
went to see doctor..
waited for like half and hr den finally my turn..
went in and spend less than 2 mins and came out le..
it was the same female doctor again..
din really wanna speak to her lah..
after tat,
paid and went off..
we reached kkh at 11am..
left at 1pm plus -.-
me and Z went to United Square..
wanted to find the liquid for washing,
but din manage to find it..
so we went Mums & Babes and bought another receiving blanket for Elton..
told Z i was hungry,
so we went to have Laksa..
after eating,
went to take mrt to ICA..
enquire abt some stuffs and back to Yishun..
bought Bubble Tea den back to Khatib..
Z bought the ingredients for cooking Meat Pattie..
den we went home..
just now had some of the Meat Pattie,
so yummy lor..
later gonna have more..
coz i'm hungry already..
anyway next monday got checkup again..
dunno if Elton will be out anot =x
update till here..

Baby Elton, Mummy and Daddy is getting more and more nervous each day.. When are u going to come out? =P

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Checkup tml..

Here to do a short update..
tml will be goin for my checkup at 11.40am..
but have to reached at 11am..
doin ctg again..
hopefully i will be dilated!!
end of post..

Saturday, 23 January 2010

38th Weeks Tummy Pic

my 38 weeks tummy..
got much difference?

38th Weeks!!

Happy 38 weeks to Baby Elton!!
2 more weeks!!

so excited!
last nite i have been going toilet for 3 times?
its like every midnite i have to go at least twice..
den every mornin abt 2 hrs i will have to go toilet -.-
kinda lazy to go sometimes..
but no choice..
and i wonder why even though i did not drink any water during midnite,
my urine still will be alot -.-
anyway tis mornin abt 9am plus,
Elton was hiccupping already..
so cute lor..
and i think sometimes he is frustrated le..
coz he will kick along when he's hiccupping!
simply love tis cute lil bao bei of urs..
can't wait to see him and carry him!
if possible,
let me be dilated on my next checkup =x

Friday, 22 January 2010


Took tis video in the afternoon..

anyway i'm back to online coz theres nth for me to do..

Lastly congratulation to joanne on the arrival of levelle!

saw cheryl's plurk tat she have given birth tis mornin..

so happy for her =)

and grace is inducing tml coz she's dilated and having contraction!

next will be my turn le..

hopefully my cervix will be dilated soon!

*prays hard*


Today is the 22nd..
which means 1 more month to my 21st bday!
but so sad can't celebrate on actual day =(
finally waited so long for tis day to come lor..

Tml will be my 38weeks of pregnancy..
so fast hor?
i'm so excited and afraid at the same time..
anyway on last checkup,
i ask doctor will there be anymore ultrasound scan done?
she told me do 2 is enough..
but i tod her i wanna noe how heavy is Elton now..
she told me after give birth will noe lor..
got answer = no answer..
its not like we r not paying her mah..
and my last ultrasound scan was done at 29weeks..
till now haven done any le..
i wonder izzit coz subsidised so they dun give a damn?
kinda regret choosing subsidised..
but no choice -.-

Tis sunday will be mitin yy..
hopefully she won't backed out again..
next monday will be my 38th weeks checkup..
will update when i'm back frm checkup! =)

Anyway yesterday Z have washed all of Elton's mittens and booties..
finally all washing done:D
blog till here!

Monday, 18 January 2010

37th weeks checkup

Today my cousin came to pass us a stroller..

looks not bad hor?


Anyway today went for checkup in the mornin wif Z..

did routine test den to see doctor for consultation..

told doctor tat last friday i felt pain at my lower abdomen..

doctor says if next time i got any pain just go to delivery suite..

doctor did the hearbeat thing,

den she told us tat Elton's heart was beating very fast..

she told me to go do CTG..

while doin,

the nurse was away for a long time lor..

make me hold the thing until my hands was aching..

monitored for abt 30 mins like tat den back to see doctor..

this time the doctor put her hand into my below dunno check wad..

i think is check Elton's head..

damn pain lor!!

after checking all tat,

i got bleeding below..

make me feel so worried!

but after ask the doctor,

she say if later on got alot bleeding den have to go back..

thank god now no more bleeding..

next checkup is on the 25th..

next monday..

tis saturday will be 38th weeks le!

its anytime frm now..

Just now had Steamboat for dinner..

yummy and eat till very full..

finally satisfied my craving after so long..


Yesterday went Northpoint to borrow books..

bought Elton's bath tub and a milk bottle..
spend about 40 dollars..
tats all..

Saturday, 16 January 2010

37th Weeks! Full-term :D

Happy 37th weeks to Elton!!
finally full-term le!
very soon he will be comin out..
i'm so so excited can!
but yesterday nite tummy hurt for 2 times..
one at 7pm plus,
another at 11pm plus..
7pm plus last for 1 hr like tat..
while 11pm plus only lasted awhile..
the pain is awhile pain,
awhile abit pain..
weird hor?
me myself dunno is tat contraction or wad?
and yesterday nite b4 slpin,
Elton was kicking vigorously!
make me feel quite uncomfortable -.-
Z scolded him few times >.<
and today he like abit angry wif Z..
dun really wanna let him feel his kicks..
Anyway washed all Elton's clothes le(except for mittens and booties)..
i tot was abit only coz not i wash mah =P
in the end when hang up to dry,
it was quite alot..
1 more day to checkup..

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Evander is out!!!

Heard frm xuemin tat evander is out!
congrats to eileen!!
but heard tat eileen is still under observation=(
hopefully everything is fine for her!

Anyway 1 more day to my 37th week of pregnancy!
4 more days to my checkup..
but dunno will do ultrasound scan anot?
i wanna noe Elton's weight!!
update till here!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Yesterday washed some of Elton's clothes..
still got lots haven washed..
anyway all the washing is Z wash de!
i just sit aside and watch him wash..
Just now packed some of my hospital bag things,
still got some things haven buy yet my bag is already full -.-
dunno is it i packed too many things le?
Anyway congrats to valen on the arrival of nariko!
looking forward to see nariko's pics and her birth story!
next will be eileen's turn..
hopefully evander will guai guai come out soon!

Monday, 11 January 2010

36 Weeks 2 Days

my 36weeks 2 days tummy wif lotsa stretchmarks!!
so hideous hor?
anyway got any difference wif my last time tummy?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bean Pillow

Today went 四马路 wif Z and my parents..
went to hawker centre to have our lunch..
mum and dad had 猪什汤,
while me and Z had Kway Chap..
after lunch,
we went to 观音庙 to 拜拜..
after tat we went OG to walk walk..
bought Elton's Bean Pillow,
bought a front open pyjamas for myself..
den at the outside shops bought a slipper too..
after buying,
went to take bus home..
while waiting,
bought coconut drink =)
Just now had Black Pepper Crab^^
so yummy lor..
finally ate it after abstaining for so long..
later gonna ask my father to dabao back..
coz i didn't eat alot for dinner..
Anyway hope valen will have a smooth delivery later^^
she will be inducing tonite..
wish her all the best..
and hopefully she will give birth naturally w/o epidural!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy 36th weeks to Baby Elton!!

Happy 36th Weeks to Baby Elton!!!

Today marks the 9th month of my pregnancy..
time flies uh..
1 more week to 37th week which means Baby Elton's Full-Term!

Yesterday went out wif Z to buy some of my hospital bag things and Baby Elton's things..
bought the above items,
and we spend $140..
yesterday was the first time i tried KOI Bubble Tea..
i'm slow i noe..
quite nice lah..
tml will be washing Baby Elton's clothes again..
think just wash half of them first..
and i've yet to prepare my hospital bag!
gotta start preparing soon!
Anyway tis few days is a torture for me..
can't seem to sleep well..
have to wait till 2am-3am plus before i can fall asleep -.-
its so tiring lor..
and sometimes when i touch my tummy,
can feel tat its very hard..
i was thinkin is it Elton's leg or wad?
Yesterday nite Elton was kicking really hard..
he even kicked Z's face lor when he was listening to my tummy..
guess he was hungry ba..
Just now went out wif Z to Northpoint..
bought Bubble Tea den back to Khatib..
went Sheng Siong,
Z bought his things den i told Z i wanna eat Ice Cream..
and Z bought me Cookies & Cream and Ice Cream Cone..

Friday, 8 January 2010

Can't Sleep!!

I'm here to blog coz i couldn't sleep!
sian lor..
afternoon took a nap,
tot i could slp for quite long..
in the end only slept for 1 hr -.-
just now was tossing around in bed but just couldn't fall asleep..
oh my..

Anyway today cheryl went for her detail scan..
and turn out BIBU is a boy!!
yea baby caleb!!
congrats to cheryl coz finally she noe bibu's gender le!

Now i'm like so curious wads Elton's weight now..
coz at 29weeks checkup,
only noe tat he's abt 1.2kg..
but now????
dun think will noe lor coz no ultrasound scan done =.=
next checkup oso routine checkup only..
anyway tml will be going out to buy my hospital bag thing..
like so finally lor!
just now when i stood up,
think i used too much force den abit sprain my ankle -.-
i hope later on i will be able to fall asleep!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy 18th bday to yukiko!!!!
matured young lady le..

I'm oso here to wish eileen can faster give birth!
coz its like very torturing for her now..
seeing her like tat makes me feel scared oso -.-
hope tat eileen will be able to give birth safely and smoothly luh..
after eileen will be valen's turn..
den my turn?!
scary sia..

Anyway i have not bought the things for my hospital bag..
and not yet washed Baby Elton's things yet..
like not much time left le >.<
maybe will get them done within tis few days ba..

Saturday, 2 January 2010

35th Weeks, 1 Year 7 Months

Happy 35th weeks to Baby Elton!!!!!
1 more week to 36th weeks (9 months)..
2 more weeks to 37th weeks,
which means full-term le!!
another 1 month and 4 days to Baby Elton's EDD..
Daddy and Mummy loves u, Baby Elton!

Today is oso me and Z together for 1 year 7 months!
Happy 19th monthsary!!!
ily forever!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!

Happy 2010 to all!!!!
so fast it's a brand new year!
in another 1 month plus,
Baby Elton will be born!
so excited and scared luh..
I wish tat everyone will have gd health..
Hopefully everything will go smoothly yea..
Another 1 month plus to my 21st bday..
by tat time i will be doing confinement..
so sad huh?
won't be able to celebrate my 21st..
no choice oso..
at least something to be happy is to be able to carry our babyboy, Elton!!!!!!