Friday, 30 April 2010

Elton's First Haircut and Swim

Today bought Elton out for his first haircut and swim..
quite she bu de to let him cut..
but his hair is getting way too long..
so no choice..
at first he was slping,
den he woke up halfway during cutting and started to cry -.-
after cutting,
let him try to swim..
he was very afraid at first..
den slowly starting to get used to it..
its very cute to see my baby swimming :)
after all tat,
we went back home..
tml won't be able to attend isabelle's full month,
will mit up another time wif my plurk babes!

enjoy Baby Elton's pic and video~


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tyvm :D

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Turning 3 months in a few days!

Smiling sweetly~

LOL face!

Hmmph i'm a fighter! =P

Eat my hand first :D

Slap u ah xP

Stunned face!

Close up view =)


Sitting up wif grandpa's support

Yum Yum~~

After bathing~ Shiok ah!

Lying on daddy's leg

I've got messy hair~

Lifting up head!

Baby Elton wil be turning 3 months in 5 days time!
6 more days to his 3rd month jab!
hopefully he won't get fever luh..
finally got the chance to update coz the singtel ppl just came to activate the phone line..
Elton noe how to shout now..
and he love to shout alot lor..
ytd nite i went out wif Z to mit the boss..
put Elton in sarong and we left after we saw tat he was aslp..
came back at around 11pm plus..
and Elton was lying on the sofa wif grandpa..
was surprised tat he was awake already..
i think he was wondering why we was not around..
so he refused to slp and drink milk..
so i went to feed him milk and coax him to slp,
but he keep on waking up to see lor..
so sensible!
tis saturday will be going to isabelle's full month wif Z..
hopefully i got clothes to wear!
coz now most of my pre-pregnancy clothes i can't fit in anymore!
hate my fatty body ttm!
update till here!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Wide smile~

Blur photo -.-

Pardon my ugly face

Are u lookin at me? o.O

Sweet dreams~

Realise i didn't blog for a few days already..
so now i'm updating!
my lil Elton is getting more and more cheeky nowadays..
keep sucking his hands when we told him not to -.-
he will keep purposely put his hand into his mouth..
buay tahan him!
now he is lying beside me talking to himself..
anyway tis sunday i will be moving hse..
my mum bought a flat at Yishun there..
coz now we are staying at Khatib there..
so its still the same area luh..
i realise my lil boy noes how to shout le..
and his voice is damn loud ok..
he love to play wif his "ah gong"..
every nite wan my father to carry him and play..
guess i will just update till here~

Monday, 12 April 2010

Our Lil Bundle Of Joy!

*Massive Photos*



The mittens taste so nice~ *yum yum~*

I love his dimples~!

I'll be going for another interview later..
hopefully they will employ me! *prays hard*

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Update update

Yesterday went john little to fill in application form..
got 3 shift sia..
but dun think they will hire me lor..
today went recruit express to fill form oso..
waited for 40mins like tat,
went in and came out less than 5 mins!
freaking bored without a job..
no income..
anyway last week my sis went thailand,
and she brought Elton 2 sets of clothes and 3 bibs..
she gave me a naraya bag and a naraya cosmetic pouch..
Tis few days,
Elton is back to his cranky pattern again -.-
have to cry till he's tired den he will slp..
dunno wads wrong wif him oso..