Friday, 27 August 2010

Outing Wif Mummies & Babies ; Naforye Pillow And Pacifier Clip

Elton wif Sophia

Look at how he eat his pacifier!

Yesterday met up wif rachel and cloud, eve and jayden, ranice and dante, yenping and nara & esther, anna and hubby at Suntec city.. Nice tokin to them but i dunno wad to say lor.. So paiseh! Elton was very cranky for the whole day! Thanks to eve and rachel for helping me make milk.. Coz i was coaxing Elton.. At nite went ECP's Jumbo for dinner.. Ate chilli crabs like finally! Yummy.. Today received the Naforye pillow and pacifier clip! Mad cute.. Shall blog till here!

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Update of Elton's pics

Sitting up :)

Mummy i'm sorry =x Hahaha

My cutie pie!

Just now went northpoint to get bubble tea and a shirt for Elton.. Mad cute lor! Yesterday bought Elton to taka baby fair to mit sis.. Sibeh bth him, dun wan to sit ib pram! Bought something for elrica's full month den back to northpoint.. Dine at xin wang and we ate till damn full! Lol.. Now i'm waiting for sis to buy subway back :)

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Friday, 13 August 2010

Yesterday went taka baby fair wif hubby and Elton..
bought a stroller toy, a pillow and a pillow case..
just now went out to get a tin of Enfapro and MamyPoko wipes..
my lovess!!
so far find tat Combi and MamyPoko wipes not bad..
but self preferred MamyPoko!
actually wanted to get Combi wipes yesterday,
but saw the price $11.50 same as MamyPoko..
so might as well buy MamyPoko..
the Combi wipes is last time sis bought de..
at an offer 3 packs $9.50 only..
yesterday had a "great" nite..
coz Elton was crying and crying non stop..
until my dad came into our room and carried him out to coax him..
at first he slept at 11 plus..
tot that it's the end,
but who knows he woke up at 12am plus crying non stop again!
so dad came in and carried him out again..
finally he was feeling tired,
i went over to carry him,
gave him pacifier and he fell aslp lying on my shoulder..
carried him till 1am plus before putting him down on bed..
he finally slept till 6am plus before waking up for milk..

Monday, 9 August 2010

Congrats to Mandy and Maxi on the arrival of their babygirl! :) One is born on eve of national day, another is a national day baby!

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jay's Full Month, Taka Baby Fair

Nan sample

Loots for yesterday

Yesterday afternoon went emily's house for jay's full month.. Asked sis along coz i can't cope on my own.. Met up wif grace mummy and eileen mummy at yishun mrt.. Lucas is so small-size! Evander keep on disturbing lucas! Haha, den we took mrt to emily's house.. Reached there i passed the present to emily first.. Saw callie but din manage to recognize her until she told me her name =x Saw annaleigh keep on bullying her mummy! Lol.. After awhile, rachel and hubby, yenping and nara, lisa, teresa and jerrel,eve and ranice and dante came too.. Din manage to recognize lisa too =x Elton was kinda cranky due to not enough slp.. Only let ppl carry awhile before he starts crying! Din manage to saw michelle coz we left quite early.. Sis and me went taka baby fair to shop.. Damn nice to shop! I love to see baby things.. Haha, we went crystal jade for dinner den back yishun to dabao for Z den back home! Might go taka baby fair next week on Z's off day.. Fruitful day coz saw many pretty mummies and cute babies =)

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Friday, 6 August 2010

Bibs And Rompers

Few days ago, i ordered some more bibs and rompers online.. Just now the lady delivered to my house coz she was passing by.. So nice lor the items.. I would buy all if i got the money! Lol

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

6 Months Old!

Baby Elton turns 6 months old today!
our lil boy has been wif us for 6 months already!
seeing him growing up each day makes me feels so contented..
mummy and daddy will always love u!
Still drinking 150ml every 2-3 hourly
Started to eat cereal and puree
1-2 nite feeds
Love to hold up both legs and play
Love to scream really loudly! *Bth him*
Love to tok alot
Will lift up hands when he wan u to carry
Hate to be on tummy
Tats all! =)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Elton's Favorite Expression For Now

Love tis pic ttm! (V)

Love Elton's dimples!

Mad cute isn't him?

Pouting *.*

Smile :)

Just now took some pics of Elton when he woke up frm his nap..
he was ultra happy for dunno wad reason!
keep on smiling and doing his favorite expression..
simply love him more than anything else..
its just 3 more days to my babyboy's 6th months!
happy happy..
just now fed him some baby bites coz he was drooling when he saw my parents eating biscuit..
he kept on wanting for more and in the end,
vomited all out!
tats the result of being tam jiak! =x
i've finally coax him to slp..
recently it's getting harder to coax him to slp..
oh btw,
congrats to Mei Xuan, Lin and Kristlyn on their babygirl's arrival!
and to Pei Pei and Evirna on their babyboy's arrival!
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