Saturday, 30 June 2012

Baby Precious.

Daddy and son

Mummy and son
Ordered these on Singapore Motherhood Forum!
Many love!
So happy~!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Upgraded My Mobile Plan!


Upgraded my 2 years iPhone plan on 23 Months and 22 Days..
and i chose iPhone 4s White 16GB!
Paid $200+ to get tis phone..
actually wanted to wait for iPhone 5 but seeing my sis and one of my colleague both changed to iPhone 4s,
i couldn't wait any longer..
finally now can take photo using the front camera..
dream come true~
now i can buy those pretty pretty casing and not those boring 3GS ones :/

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Colleague's Last Day



Our drinks

From Shine Korea Supermarket
Gina & Me

Gina & Siew Cheng
Today was Gina's last day of work..
so Siew Cheng, Jas and me went to Old Town White Coffee after work..
had our dinner there and we chit-chatted for some time..
after tat we went Shine Korea Supermarket..
it was my first time there..
there's many range of korean food and drinks..
really nice to shop there..
after buying,
SIew Cheng and me went to take mrt back home..

Monday, 4 June 2012

28 Months Old!

Happy 28 months to my babyboy!!
Bought Elton to babyspa for an haircut yesterday..
now it's much more neater and shorter..
Yesterday nite went amk hub with Elton to meet sis after her work..
went ntuc and spend quite alot at there..
have to lug home all the shopping bags :X
This saturday gonna go back to work already :(
seriously feel damn happy staying at home this few days,
spending time with my bao bei..
really wish tat time can pass slowly :'(

Saturday, 2 June 2012

4 Years Anniversary Together!

Happy 4 years dating anniversary to dearest hubby and me!

Time flies and we have already been together for 4 years..
many things happened during this 4 years,
sad and happy,
ups and downs..
i hope we will continue to go through thick and thins..
and i just called and extended my no pay leave..
until this friday..
so i've took 1 week of no pay leave already..
hubby might be going for a 2nd surgery tml :(
hope hubby's hand will recover soon and get discharged!

Hubby Has Been Hospitalised.

This is wad happened to hubby..
his hand has been slammed by the felling bathroom door and it becomes swollen and bleeding non-stop :(
currently hubby just completed a surgery,
to clean his wound inside..
just now i went to visit hubby together with Elton..
received an sms from Ktph tat hubby's surgery was done at 6.10pm..
reached hospital at about 7.30pm but we waited until 8.40pm..
just when we was leaving,
the nurse told me tat she will be going down to bring hubby up..
after seeing hubby,
was so relieved!
But i felt so heartpain seeing hubby in pain :(
Hopefully he will recover soon!
and i took nopay leave until monday..
tis month's pay sure very little :/