Sunday, 28 November 2010

Parenthood Fair & Sitex 2010

Loots of the day

Today went expo wif Elton and sis.. Signed up 12 issues of Motherhood and got 2 bags of goodies! Actually was one but today was the last day so they gave us 2! Haha mad happy.. Den we shopped around, bought some Heinz food and Huggies Ultra.. Got a free Huggies wipes :) We went to the Mega Flea to see see too.. Den rush back to Parenthood to get the free Kodomo wash.. Walked around and left Expo..

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Updates Of Elton ; Push Walker & Cellphone

Psycho-ed sis to buy the Walker - Wagon & a Cellphone for Elton *evil grin*

My 口水王子! LOL

Tis pic of Elton is mad cute!

Posing for me to take photo. Heheh

Bought Elton out to mit Christine, Yu Ying, Amelia, Reigi & *The Bad Guy*(inside joke)

Wad kinda face is tat? =.=

My baby has grown up! (L)

Spot his lil pearlies~

Future spokesperson for the rattle toy! Lol

Tis is how u *torture* the rattle toy :D
Finally back to update after sometime,
today bought Elton to northpoint wif sis and bros..
actually intended to go SSC..
but we only left home at 7pm plus..
so changed of plan~
went cold storage to buy milk powder first,
den bros went home and we continue to shop around..
headed to kiddy palace,
saw the push walker was on offer!
now selling at $39.90..
so i psycho-ed sis to buy for Elton as his advance christmas present! *smart eh*
den saw the fisher-price cellphone..
but decided to get a cheaper one instead as my violent boy will definitely spoil it in awhile..
while sis was queueing,
saw valen and her hus queueing too..
after paying,
walked around den back home!
Tis few days been holding his arms and teaching him how to walk..
and he's walking rather stable wif support now!
hopefully he will crawl soon =x
if not skip crawling jump to walking oso can~ Rofl

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Loots of the day

The top blue romper was selling at $1.99 each, the below rompers was selling at $3.99 each

Items bought at ikea

The top rompers was selling at 3 for $10, the bottom shirts was selling at 2 for $15

Today mornin woke up and headed to Macdonalds for breakfast wif Elton, sis and bros.. After filling our stomach, went to the market and bought 3 rompers and 2 t-shirts for Elton! Mad cute~ The clothings they are selling can be found online too.. After buying, headed to get lorry and went back home to put down the things, and off we go to Tampines Giant! Woo~ bought quite alot of things at there.. I like the Gino brand romper! Coz it's very big and can fit my fat boy very well! And it's only selling at $3.99 each! Haha.. But it's rather hard to find coz the rompers are very limited.. After shopping at giant, we headed to ikea~ Shopped awhile, bought hotdog buns and we pack back ikea meatballs and chicken wings! Yummy~ Enjoy ourselves today coz parents went Malaysia and bro won lottery the day before :D

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Thursday, 4 November 2010

9 Months Old!

Happy 9 months to my babyboy, Elton!
Today bought Elton to polyclinic for his 9th month developmental assessment..
hearing test first den measured his weight, length and head circumference..
the nurse say he everything oso round round..
hmm 3 more months till Elton is 1 year old..
most probably will be celebrating at home..
still dunno where to order his 1st bday cake..
Drinking 150ml 2-3 hourly in the daytime, nite time sometimes he can slp through the nite
1 porridge / cereal as lunch
Has 4 teeth spouted out, another one coming out frm his top gum
Can run really fast in his walker
Loves to follow his ah gong around in his walker
Learning to speak now
Loves to pull ppl's hair or bite ppl
Will run to the person if there is food
Loves eating baby bites and star puff
Hates to wash hair now( impatient baby)
Hates to drink water frm other milk bottles except Avent one