Monday, 29 March 2010

Wish rachel all the best!

saw frm plurk tat rachel is heading to kkh today..
means tat she might be inducing today?
like so finally!
hereby wishing her a smooth delivery and i'm looking forward to see how cloud looks like =)

p.s received 2 emails asking me to go for interview tml!
shall go and try my luck den!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Takashimaya Baby Fair 2010

Pics of Elton

Yum Yum~


Are u lookin at me?

Hello, my name is Elton~

Items bought at Baby Fair
Yesterday mornin went ICA wif Z..
reached there,
was told to go back at 3.15pm..
so we headed to Taka Baby Fair first..
finally got to go there!!
was very happy when i saw all the cute lil things..
but we were very hungry so we went to KFC to eat first..
after eating means shoppin time~
bought the above items..
spend 40 dollars plus on the 6 items..
we went in for 3 times in total just to pass time..
i wanna bring back all the things lor =P
after finish buyin,
our legs were aching like mad!
took mrt back to ICA,
collected the card den to Toa Payoh..
went Post Office to top-up and home sweet home~
overall i'm satisfied coz i got to go Baby Fair!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Baby Elton!


Tis shirt look big hor?
coz its for 6-12 months de!
but ok lah still can let him try wear..
tonite will be going AMK i guess?
Elton is a very very impatient baby..
he will only lie down for awhile,
den the next min he will start crying for attention -.-
really buay tahan him lor..

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pissed off!

Pregnant = big deal?

Saw tis thread frm mummysg forum..
damn pissed off after reading all the reply..
and theres actually ppl who agree wif the thread starter -.-

Thursday, 18 March 2010


early in the mornin caught him smiling :)

Today is the 6th weeks after i have given birth..
will be going polyclinic for checkup later..
just now Elton suddenly woke up,
but now i have coax him back to slp..
now i'm gonna start looking for job already..
coz my mum and sis ask me to do so..
reason is they wan me to give them money..
but Elton is still so young..
they won't understand anything..
to them,
money matters more than anything..
Z is gonna start working soon..
so who is gonna look after Elton?
my mum? lol
she dun even noe how to make milk or change diaper lor -.-

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Very First Pic We Took :)

Random post~
the above pic is the very first pic i took wif Z..
lots of memories came back when i see tis pic :)
i didn't expect tat i will get married and give birth at the age of 20..
everything seems so amazing..
especially our lil bundle of joy..
even though he's very naughty at times,
i swear i still love and dote on him alot!
end of post~

Monday, 15 March 2010

Here to update abit!

I've changed a new blog layout..
any comments?
my lil boy is slpin in the sarong now..
i really love looking at him slpin..
coz he look very cute!
anyway no pics coz i didn't take any photo of Elton..
hmm dunno wad to update le..

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Elton = lil devil

i'm just here to do a short update..
currently my lil devil is slpin..
he's slpin in my parents room..
he had been crying and crying since mornin..
dunno wads wrong lor..
alright and i'm off to take a nap b4 my lil devil wakes up!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

More Elton's photo are up!

Box ownself =x

Angry face

Elton says gong xi gong xi


Thursday, 4 March 2010

1 Month Old!

Our lil darling Elton turns 1 month old today!!
Happy 1 month to Baby Elton!
thou he is really hard to take care of sometimes,
we still love him alot!
tml will be bringing Elton for his 1st month jab..
hopefully he won't have fever after the jab!
later on will be going out to buy his diapers and milk powder..
so blog till here!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Elton's Full Month Celebration

Elton wearing his new clothes

Star of the day~

Gift frm relatives

Gift frm relatives

Gift frm cindy, clovis's mummy

Yesterday was Elton's full month celebration..
some relatives and last time neighbours came..
THANKS to cindy, clovis's mummy for coming and the gift!
clovis is very cute!
keep looking ard and will smile when tok to him^^
mum ordered the food frm YLS catering,
the food was so-so lor..
we ordered some full month cakes frm Sweetest Moments..
and some full month cards frm Bengawan Solo..
all were given to relatives..
Elton was being carried by others..
but he was only cranky when he wanted milk..
overall still memorable =)