Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Booking Of Ward.

Afternoon went to kkh with Elton, sis and dad to book the ward for delivery. Paid the deposit and we took bus back to northpoint. Dad went home first while we went to xin wang for early dinner. This time round like ordered too much. Ate till so full!

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38 Weeks 4 Days Baby Bump.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dim Sum At Xin Wang

Today i bought Elton to polyclinic cause he was having cough and flu. After seeing doctor, we were feeling hungry so i bought him to xin wang to have dim sum. Can never get sick of eating their siew mai! Damn yums. Tomorrow gotta go kkh to book ward already.

Just now baby was moving very hard inside until my v hurts. It's like the first time experiencing this hmm.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Northpoint With Elton Yesterday.

Java chip frapp

Did a comparison between both of my babybump. Obviously 2nd one was so much bigger!

Mangoes to share with son today!

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Officially In My 38th Week Of Pregnancy!

My handsome lil boy^^ Love his dimples especially!

Babybump at 37 weeks 6 days taken yesterday :)

Hub cooked salmon for supper last night^^

2 weeks left!

Wonder when Baby Arielle will decide to come out? I hope this time round i don't have to induce :X Another mummy from EDD May 2014 forum have pop! Hopefully i am dilated already on my next checkup! Few more days to May and i'm getting excited yet afraid! Just hoping for a fast and smooth delivery!

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Friday, 25 April 2014


Fell in love with this coffee after I tried it yesterday at j8's ntuc!

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

37 Weeks 5 Days Checkup.

Went for my checkup today. Did routine test and proceed to see doctor goh. Did ultrasound and gynae says Arielle is weighing at 3.2kg now. My previous checkup she was weighing at 2.7kg :D And gynae says her head is very low now. Next appt on 8th of May. By then left 2 more days to my EDD. Getting excited as days goes by! Hoping for a smooth delivery :)

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Vitamins For The Son =)

Received the swaddle that i order online for Baby Arielle!

Bought Elton's vitamin today. Paid by cda :)

The son insisted to buy this!

Tomorrow will be my 37 weeks 5 days checkup. Appointment at 8.30am. Like a early hopefully we are able to wake up lol. Sis will be accompanying me for checkup instead of hub cause he will be working :( This coming saturday i will be in my 38 weeks of pregnancy! Soon we will be able to hold Baby Arielle in our arms :DD

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Men-Ichi With Son


Taken today. Having his pocky

Bought Elton to men-ichi for dinner yesterday. Our monthly affair cause hub got the staff voucher :D After dinner, bought him to arcade to play for awhile then we headed to ntuc to shop. And we waited for hub to come back from work at the control station.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Playpen Set Up!


17/04/2014 - Bought Baby Arielle's playpen and hub set it up :D

19042014 - Baby Arielle is 37 weeks! Full-term already :)

Sis bought sticky for me. Yay!

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Friday, 18 April 2014

My Buys From Taobao (April 2014)

Received my taobao buys few days back. Includes a romper, 2 sleep suits for Baby Arielle, a pajamas for Elton and a nursing pajamas for myself :)

Today we had PizzaHut for brunch. Wanted to order mac but they have too many orders

Bought Elton to np in the afternoon. Our tea-break.

Then we had vanilla cone~ First time having the pink cone :)


I will be in my 37 weeks tomorrow. Which means Baby Arielle will be full-term! She can come out anytime from tomorrow onwards. But i still hope she will only come out in May. Just now when i was lying down on my right, i flipped to lying on my back and i had this very sharp pain in my tummy. First time feeling this! Scared the hell outta me. Thankfully it went away after awhile. And now i'm having this stretching pain inside. What are u doing inside huh Baby A? So torturing now whenever i went to the toilet in the middle of night or morning. Cause i won't be able to to fall asleep back immediately. Just a few more weeks to go. Jiayou to myself!!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Baby Bump At 36 Weeks 2 Days

Taken yesterday (36w2d)

Baby Arielle had been kicking a lot nowadays. Sometimes i can feel my bladder hurts lol. Have been feeling tummy hardening also. Another 3 weeks plus till we get to see u! Currently left a few more baby's item to buy, baby's present to kor kor and my confinement stuffs. And we are all ready to welcome our babygirl! This Elton kor kor has been naughty this few days. Keep on pissing me off till i got tummy cramp :/ Now i can cry at the slightest thing and he still purposely make me angry. Hope after mei mei come out i will be able to cope with 2! Just now i went for a haircut and Baby Arielle was kicking hardly inside lol. Keep seeing my tummy moving. 9 more days to my checkup. Shall update till here.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Unimom Forte.

Had my first coconut for this pregnancy!

Elton wearing his new pajamas :)

My handsome son <3

Craving for chilli crab on thursday so hubby let me satisfied my craving!

Bought this unimom forte bundle set. Quite worth it! Hope I can persevere this time round!

And I am 35 weeks pregnancy today! 2 more weeks to full-term, 5 weeks or less to go! Next appointment is on the 24th of April. 3 weeks duration now.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

34 Weeks 5 Days Checkup.

Went kkh for my checkup today. Did ultrasound and i'm glad that Baby Arielle has turned her head down! She's weighing at 2719g now. Dr Goh says most probably she will be about the same weight as her kor kor when she's born. Fyi Elton was 3.4kg when he was born =) Anyway i have been feeling lower tummy cramp ever since i came back from checkup. Below feels heavy and painful too. Hopefully it will get better! Might be due to Baby Arielle's weight :/

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stuffs From Popular

Bought this confinement cookbook just now and hubby will be cooking for me :) Most prolly just gonna order 14 days of confinement meals then the rest of the days hub will cook. Also bought drawing block, colour pencils for Elton. As he has been drawing on paper nowadays. This boy was so happy when he saw the stuffs for me. He keep asking me did i buy all these for him. And said thank u to me :) My silly boy.

Anyway hub and i have decided on babygirl's name. Arielle 付婷萱 =) Thought of this chinese name when i was expecting Elton (before knowing gender). Just nice now can use this name for his meimei :) Came upon this name Arielle and i fell in love with it! So i discussed with hub and he likes it too. So tomorrow is my checkup, excited yet kind of afraid. Can see Baby Arielle again but not sure if she did listen to us anot :/

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