Sunday, 7 June 2009


I had been feelin unwell for the past 2 days..
especially on saturday nite..
vomitted after i took my dinner..
den had diarrhoea twice and vomitted again in the midnite..
ytd got the feelin to vomit but i tried not to let it vomit..
today was feelin slightly better..
at least dun hav the feelin to vomit again..
seriously i wonder wads wrong wif my body?
every now and den still feel tummy hurts..
hav to rely on medication oil..
ytd slept through the nite..
didnt wake up to pee at all until mornin..
Z was very worried abt me and kept askin me where im feelin uncomfortable..
but i cant seem to say out properly..
i hope tat feelin wont come back again..
coz it makes me very uncomfortable..