Saturday, 4 March 2017


Hello, it's me. I'm here to update. Doubt there's anyone else reading my blog already. 

Life has been mundane for me. Everyday it's just wake up, wash up and wake Elton up for school. Then changed into his uniform, go downstairs wait for school bus, come back wake Arielle up and change into her school attire. Then we head out together. Carry Arielle all the way to her school and i will go and take bus to interchange then take another bus to my workplace. 

After work, i will rush to take bus to Sembawang and board mrt back. Then i need to go interchange to take bus to Arielle's school and fetch her before 7pm. 

FYI i only finish work at 6pm and it take about 35-40mins from my workplace to where i stay. After fetching Arielle, we will go and dabao dinner then head home together.

Reached home, i have to feed the both of them dinner then go and prepare Elton and Arielle's school bag for the next day. And by 9pm plus i need to get the both of them to go wash up and head to bed. If not it will be a hard time waking up them especially Elton(coz he have to wake up at 6.10am). And for me i have to wake up at 5.40am every weekday. 

Shag right?? But what to do? Haha 习惯就好...