Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pictures Time~

Arielle woke up with hair standing up
Don't the both of them look adorable together?

Arielle had slight fever after her jab on Monday 20/10/2014

Holding the bottle using one hand #babygotswag

Recently Arielle love to make this expression

Holding onto korkor's hand while taking photo

About to cry :(

Finally won something from TNAP

Aww lil cutie


That's all!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Just For Fun.

Been sometime since i update my blog. Edited two pics using iPhone app. So cute isn't it? Aww love the "fake" hair on Baby Arielle. Can't wait to tie her hair for her when she's older :)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Love My Both Bubz.

Blurry but cute *.*

Learning to sit on my own :)

Let me introduce myself.

Wefie by meimei

Fav 九层糕!!
Huh? What did you say??

Doing writing :)

Korkor why you not talking to me?


2 more days to Baby Arielle's 5th month vaccination. Babygirl gonna endure some pain again :( Sometimes i still can't believe that i am already a mother of 2 at the age of 25. Coz my mum gave birth to me at almost 40. And i am the youngest in the family. I feel that it's good to give birth early so that i can enjoy when they are all grown up. Feel so bless to have 2 adorable kids =)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stay Home Sunday (As Usual)

Dinner cooked by hubby

Sitting up with the help of mummy!

Finally get to try this!

I've got colourful cast!

Disney lollipops

Balloon siblings lol

Trying to push the pillow away

Covering my head with the pillow

Holding the bottle on my own (5months1day)

Sleeping on my tummy

Unhappy look :'(

Spaghetti cooked by yours truly

Daddy and babygirl

Loves =)

Tomorrow will be Arielle's review at KKH regarding her head circumference. Hopefully all is ok! Next month Elton got 2 appointment at KKH also. One for his hand review another is at ENT. Hope his hand will recover soon!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Baby Arielle Is 5 Months Old!

Happy 5 months lil darling! Next month u will be 6 months old already! Gonna start semi-solid soon =) U have bought us so much joy ever since u were born! And u really resembles ur korkor a lot :D Love the both of u so so much! Continue to grow up healthy and happy ok. Daddy, mummy and korkor will always be here for u~ Muacks

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pictures Update.

My cheerful babygirl after waking up on her own =)

So smiley~

Head is very stable already :D

Yes, can i help you?

My big korkor



Nomming my fingers

Touching daddy's face

Happy Elton and curious Arielle

Love the both of them!

Handsome korkor

Covering my head with the bean pillow

Should i eat my hands or should i not?

Taken yesterday 06102014 Monday (So happy when standing!)

First time trying. Still prefer blackball though.

2 more days to Baby Arielle's 5th month! Bth this lil girl really. Everyday when i wake up, she will be either on her tummy but still sleeping or when she's awake also keep flipping. Can't wait for this "flipping" period to be over! Have to keep putting her back lying down on her back. Coz sometimes she sleeps with her nose covering. I swear my heart almost dropped when i woke up to see that! Tried to put pillow beside her but she can still manage to flip. Clever girl isn't it? Love both of my bubz a lot! Hope that they will grow up to be healthy and safely :)