Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Free Movie - Midnight FM

Sis won a pair of movie ticket "Midnight FM" at Shaw Lido.. It was a Korean movie.. Went wif sis to watch it! Overall quite thrilling! Enjoyed watching it! The movie started at 7.15pm, ended at abt 9pm? Den we headed back to yishun's Xin Wang to have some dimsum.. Had my favourite 鸳鸯! After tat took cab home as we are very tired..

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Private Sales

Items bought at isetan

A new toy and pant for Elton!

Bought Elton snacks again :)

Early mornin awake already!


Today went to the private sales @ isetan with sis.. Sis came to find me after work and we went up together.. My first time working on private sales and shopping.. Lol.. Bought the above items for my babyboy! Anyway I ordered a easy hair-cutter online for Elton.. Hopefully it's gd an easy to use :/ Because my naughty boy simply hates to go salon to cut hair, and his hair is getting longer and longer! Tml might be bringing him for a haircut.. Gonna turn in soon as i'm very tired already.. Tat's all :)

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Friday, 6 May 2011

15 Months Old!

Happy 15 months to my lil boy!
yesterday bought Elton to polyclinic for his vaccination..
he only cried for awhile after the vaccination..
my brave lil boy!
Anyway mum has been hospitalized due to her swollen leg..
hopefully she will get well soon!
tis few days we have been going thru and fro from the hospital..
Drinking 120/150ml 3-4 hourly
Learning to walk independently
Loves to find his ah gong
Loves to go gai gai
Knows how to lie down on his own when we ask him to

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Big Fall

Elton just fell upside down while in his walker just now..
scared the hell out of us!
he cried till so badly :'(
hopefully he's alright..
Elton is soundly aslp now..
so sorry babyboy,
it's all mummy's fault!
if i had been more careful and look out for u,
u wouldn't had fall down!