Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year Resolution

Let me blog abt my 2010's New Year Resolution..

» Baby Elton to be born safely and smoothly.
» Z to find new job.
» Me and Z dun need to worry abt money problems.
» To be able to rent a room/flat after Baby Elton is born.
» Everyone to be healthy and happy.
» Everlasting marriage wif Z.
» Everything to go smoothly for me and Z.

tats all i think..

Admission done..

Today went to make admission..
chose the B2+ one..
coz its the best for subsidised..
gonna use my father's medisave to deduct..
and for Elton's,
maybe deduct frm mine..
coz mine only got abit as i only worked for 1 year plus!

Just now at 12pm plus,
Elton kept kicking inside..
and the left of my tummy kept moving!
so cute lor..
Z told him to stop kicking mah..
den he went to kick my right side >.<
even poke up for awhile..
when i touch my tummy,
it was very HARD!
cute and naughty him :D
Z was saying tis few days he moved alot uh..
den i said maybe he's informing us he wanna come out soon..
and Z said CHOY!!
i dun wish for him to come out too early..
i told Elton to wait till February den come out..
hopefully he will be guai guai and listen to us luh..

the staff told me if now got any pain, bleeding or waterbag burst,
just straight away go to delivery ward..
but now i realise sometimes i got greenish discharge..
sounds weird ah?
dunno why oso..
Anyway tonite at Khatib there got the countdown thing..
got 迷路兵 and some campus superstar..
might be going there to see see ba?
blog till here!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Yesterday nite went for the movie..
rate it 7.5/10..
its really funny..
i love the part when their medicines got mixed up!
after movie,
me and sis went Xin Wang there to eat Dim Sums..
i drank Milk Tea while sis had Yuan Yang..
after eating,
went to take Mrt..
damn lots of ppl!
finally someone let up seat to me on Mrt!
Currently going through some rough patch..
i hope Z will be able to overcome all obstacles!
because i can't afford to lose him..
hope he will be able to get another job!

Monday, 28 December 2009

New Wallet

Yesterday my sis bought me a GUESS wallet and a shirt for Z..
finally i got a GUESS wallet!
tats our belated Christmas present =)
Anyway i've won the movie tickets to watch "Old Dogs"!
double happiness :D
but i will be watchin wif sis tonite..
coz i tot Z will be workin and he will be home late..
but seems like he dun need to go today again!
My hips are aching more and more..
so difficult for me to get up frm bed =(
and i'm going to toilet more and more often..
yesterday Elton only started moving after 3pm plus..
and he was kickin real hard!
maybe to let me noe he's awake?
i simply love tis lil bundle of joy!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

34 weeks bump :D

Today is my 34weeks preggie :D
2 more weeks to 9 months!
3 more weeks to Baby Elton's Full-Term!
soon he will be born le :D
i'm so excited and nervous lah!
i'm scare of labour pain all tat..
but i think all will be worth it when i see Baby Elton =)
Today afternoon went to eat Seoul Garden wif Z..
2 persons 46 dollars plus!
so expensive leh..
last time i only pay student price..
Z was rather unhappy wif me..
coz so expensive..
but the money is my sis give de..
i told her i wan eat Seoul Garden,
ask her transfer 50 dollar to my bank..
she really did!
next thurs might be going eat Steamboat?
after do my admission ba..
update till here!
do tag me k? =)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

"Old Dogs" (My Favourite Comedy Scene.)

I'm here to blog about my favourite comedy scene of the movie,

hopefully i can win a pair of tickets :D

I'm really curious how could the golf ball go backwards when it's suppose to fly forward?

Their expression on their face was really nice after get hit!

once in a lifetime man!

Even though i'm a woman,

i can imagine how it hurts being hitted by the golf ball!

and the second guy is very unlucky too!

cause the first guy got hit went to hide behind him..

i'm sure the next time they saw people playing golf,

they will run first better than get hit again!

I'm sure this will be another great movie..

so people,

so remember to catch it in cinema!

Signing off,

¡°Old Dogs opens in cinema 31 Dec 2009¡±.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Elton's Kick (not very clear though)

Monday, 21 December 2009

Gained another 1.8kg!!

I'm back frm checkup..
just do routine test..
i've gained another 1.8kg -.-"
so damn fat now!
next checkup on 18th Jan..
4weeks time..
dunno y nv change to 3weeks leh?
maybe coz subsidised ba..

Mornin i had Sausage Mcmuffin w Egg meal..
den me and Z went to enquiry abt the admission thing..
might be deducting my father's medisave?
can only choose B2+ all those -.-
after enquiry,
went United Square to walk walk..
den took bus back to Yishun le..
din manage to eat Steamboat again -.-
coz mum and sis say going to view flats again..
Just now bought KFC back..
eaten all the fries..
still left 2 pcs of chicken in fridge..
later den go eat..
dunno y tis few days my tummy got the stretchy feel..
kinda hurts too..

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Samsung Omnia II & Sony Ericsson W595

mum and dad just came back not long ago..
and they bought the above phone..
SE for mum,
Samsung for dad..
nice leh..
coz i was actually wanting the samsung one!
at least i got a phone now..
i wanna kope the SE frm my mum..
coz she said she might not be usin :D
anyway they just went out again wif bro..
to view flats..
i've just eaten my brunch..
guess Elton muz be starving!
so sorry baby!
Hopefully tonite i will be able to sleep through..
coz usually the next day is checkup,
i will definitely lose sleep -.-"
i wan to be energetic not lethargic..

Checkup tml

I am freaking hungry now!!!!!!!!!
haven even had my breakfast yet thanks to my parents!
have been waiting since 9am plus till now lor..
Anyway tml will be Baby Elton's checkup..
dunno will there be any scans done?
maybe dun have ba..
soon december will be over..
den january and FEBRUARY!!
which means Baby Elton will be arriving!!!!
very excited!!
Hopefully tml will be able to go eat steamboat wif Z..
muz see got enough money anot..
hope after steamboat can go Orchard walk walk..
might be going AMK Hub oso..
tml sis will be at home so we can stay out late?
i am hungry and sleepy at the same time lor -.-
gonna continue waiting.............................................................

Saturday, 19 December 2009

33 Weeks!!!

Happy 33weeks to Baby Elton!!!
1 more day to checkup!
just now i went out to do something,
on the way back,
my tummy hurt like dunno wad..
especially the lower part of my tummy..
came home shitted den the pain gone..
scare me sia..
coz first time so pain..
even walking oso hurts..
anyway mum, sis and bro went out le..
left me and 2nd bro at home..
they went out to view hse..
might be moving hse next yr i think?
but i guess i won't be staying wif them after next yr..
me and Z gonna go rent hse first coz Baby Elton will be born le..

Yesterday nite my right leg was aching so was my hipbone!
it was very difficult for me to get up frm bed..
i had to hold on to Z's hands den i can get up..
yesterday Z got half-day off..
so i met him at Yishun there..
he got his hand cut again -.-
always so careless de!
we went library to borrow books,
den bought Bubble Tea and back to Khatib..
bought 2 packs of Mixed Veg Rice for me and mum..
Z dabao Fried Beehoon..
den back home..

Yesterday while watching 传闻中的七公主,
Elton keep kicking!
think he really love the show alot..
cute lil him..
i can see tat he doing wave inside :D
blog till here!

Anyone noe where can order bean pillow?
pls tag to let me noe! Thanks!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

4 more days to Baby Elton's checkup!!
wondering will there be any scans done??
coz i wanna noe how heavy is Baby Elton now :D
yesterday nite went out to mit Z after he finished work,
went to NTUC to buy Kinder Bueno, Fruit Juice and Yoghurt..
tried the new flavour..
Berries wif Aloe Vera..
dunno if its nice anot..
later went 7-Eleven to buy 2 Pizza Bar for my supper..
but yesterday nite i din eat..
only eat it at today mornin..
just now had Fried BeeHoon and Milo..
damn full!

Next yr will be going back wif Z and Baby Elton to visit Z's family..
still dunno can bring Baby Elton to take plane anot =x
will see how ba..
anyway after next monday's checkup,
will be heading over to ICA..
den go eat Steamboat?
still dunno plan will change anot..
gonna start washing all Baby Elton's clothes real soon!
i'm kiasu!
coz we dunno Baby Elton will be out earlier or later mah..
so wash earlier oso better..
i'll blog till here!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Happy 32weeks to Elton!!!!

Happy 32weeks to Elton!!!

8 months le..
Elton had been moving since mornin :D
i can even see my tummy moved!
so cute luh!

Yesterday was Z's off day..
actually planned to go eat Seoul Garden..
but my parents wanted to go ICA there to renew passport..
by tat time was 1pm plus le when we went out..
so we decided to go cut my hair first..
its so freaking ugly now!
too short le -.-
after cutting hair,
we went KFC to have our lunch..
den we bought Bubble Tea,
and i told Z i feel like eating Subway cookie..
so we went to buy den back home..

Today Z gonna finish work at 10pm plus..
coz he is at Far East there..
actually we wanted to go watch movie today..
but hes finishing work so late and tml he gonna work at 7am..
so we canceled..
Z says tml den go watch..
but quite expensive leh..

Now i'm so bored at home..
i wanted to go find Z but i've got no ez-link card!
gonna finish my other 2 cookies =)

my hair now

Precious Elton,
Daddy and Mummy will love and dote on u forever!
Coz u r Daddy and Mummy's precious son! :)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

31st week

Today is Baby Elton's 31st week!!
abt 9 more weeks to go le..
so fast lor..
and i haven even save money for my hospital bills >.<"
yesterday nite bought Satay back to eat..
and Milo to drink..
but not full at all..
while watchin dvd,
Baby Elton keep moving..
think he is still hungry..
so after watchin went to cook maggie mee to eat..
den headed to bed wif Z..

Today wake up at 10am plus..
cook maggie mee again..
and finished my half piece of Blackforest cake..
den parents just bought Chicken Chop back..
yum yum~
update till here!

Happy 31 weeks to our Baby Elton!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Clovis is born!!!

Congratulations to cindy on the arrival of clovis!!!!!
finally lor..
coz she had been waiting and waiting and enduring those contractions..
so lookin forward to see how clovis look like :D
i guess tis month nobody else is giving birth le..
next will be eileen's turn,
den valen's turn..
and next is mine?????
not sure if there is anybody else giving birth in the end of january..

1 Year 6 months <3

Today is 02/12/2009
which marks Z and me together for 1 year 6 months!!!
though its not long,
it still means alot to me!
even though there are hard times,
we still manage to overcome all the obstacles!
i just hope tat everything will go smoothly for us..
soon our precious son will be born..
Z, me and Elton = Our Happy Family!

Hubby I Love You Forever <3


The thing for Elton to sit given by my cousin..
will take photo of the cot when its done =)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Elton's Clothes ; New Phone

Elton's drawer 1

Elton's drawer 2

The clothing given by my cousin

LG KM730
Heard frm mum tat my cousin going to pass me things for Elton..
tot was a few thing only..
in the end,
got few bags of clothing + hats and mitten and bootie..
a baby cot etc...
and now just over a nite,
Elton's clothes become alot..
was Z's off day..
went Northpoint to return books,
den KFC for our brunch..
den we went AMK HUB to tried the dress..
but too long and look too ugly on me..
so decided dun buy..
went down to the Starhub shop..
enquire abt phones..
decided to buy LG KM730..
coz not really ex mah..
sign up line de..
den went to buy a hp pouch..
and bought bubble tea~
back to Khatib,
went to buy Mixed Veg Rice back..
den home sweet home~

Sunday, 29 November 2009

30 Weeks 1 Day

tml is Z's off day..
happy me..
hopefully can get my dress! *prays hard*
just now 10am plus Elton doing wave inside..
so cute luh!! :D

Saturday, 28 November 2009

30th Weeks <3

Happy 30th weeks to Baby Elton~~!!!!!!!
abt 10 more weeks to go!!
u r mummy and daddy's precious <3

Friday, 27 November 2009

another pair of mitten and bootie for Baby Elton ;D

long time ago bought de

Just now went Chong Pang to walk walk..
wanted to buy mitten and bootie at there,
but the shop nv open =.=
so went Northpoint..
bought one pair of mitten and bootie at Kiddy Palace..
quite ex ba..
buy at Chong Pang cheaper xD
feel like buying maternity dress at Kiddy Palace..
but ex wor!
and dunno i can wear anot >.<
too fat le tats y hard to find clothes!
just now bought Famous Amos Cookie and Bubble Tea :D
was raining cats and dogs when i came back..

Tml will be Baby Elton's 30th week!!!!!!
no more digit 2 le..
now is digit 3 le..
another 10 more weeks Baby Elton will be born~!
so looking forward!
Hopefully Z can off on tis coming tuesday..
we will be going AMK Hub to see the maternity dress..
hopefully got stock and i can wear luh >.<

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

28th Weeks Growth Scan

Yesterday went for growth scan..
one of the scan is showing Baby Elton's ball! (ROFL)
Elton sure very paiseh lor..
everything got seen by ppl le..
the doctor says Baby Elton head is down already..
and he is abt 1.2kg now..
but the scan not really clear lor..
can't see clearly de..
but i'm happy as long can see Baby Elton :D
yesterday paid $140 like tat..
for the scans, consultation fees and medicine..
and the 3D Ultrasound Scan cost $270!!!
so darn ex lor..
TMC charge even cheaper -.-
think no chance to do le..
Yesterday after got off bus felt abit difficult in breathing..
dunno why oso?
at nite felt tat the right side of my tummy feel abit pain..
as if something blocking there..
and my hipbone is hurting more and more..
especially when i got up frm bed -.-
next appointment is at 21st of Dec..
update till here!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

29weeks tummy pics

my tummy got become bigger??
Happy 29weeks to Baby Elton!

Yesterday nite Elton kicked twice for Z to feel :D:D
simply love our precious son =)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Shopping wif elaine

Yesterday last min met up wif elaine..
coz she wanna go bugis to buy things..
we had Sakae Sushi for lunch..
she treated me..
thanks gal!
next time will treat u back=)
She brought quite a few things..
3 dresses, 1 belt, 1 leggings, 1 scarf and some makeup things..
rich gal~
i only brought 1 umbrella..
still thinkin tml mitin yy anot?
maybe will ask her later..

Nowadays when Baby Elton move,
i can see my tummy moving too :D
very very happy me!!
yesterday nite Baby Elton kicked Z's face again..
when he was listening to my tummy!
2 more days to growth scan..
excited to see Baby Elton again!!!
gonna ask doctor wads Baby Elton's weight now,
and how big is he..
tml Baby Elton gonna be 29weeks le!
time passes so fast luh..
i'm wondering when will my belly button popped out?
till now only can see tat its very dark in colour..
and anyone noes how much does it really cost for the 3D scan at KKH?
last appointment asked the staff,
they told me its 200-300 for the scan?
does it really cost so much?

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Baby Elton's Chinese Name

Z and me is thinking a chinese name for Baby Elton..
thinking of naming him 付浩宇..
any comments if it is nice??
pls tag me to let me noe k =)

Short Update

I'm gonna do a short update..

Went for OGTT..
leave hse at 7am like tat..
took bus there..
reached there early again..
so me and Z sat outside waiting..
my mouth was feelin dry already but couldn't drink any water..
so after registered all tat was my turn to go in..
the doctor tried to poke my right arm first..
but my vein was too fine -.-
so she tried left arm..
finally draw my blood..
they gave me the glucose syrup to drink..
its very very awful..
darn sweet..
make me almost vomitted..
den after tat have to come back 1 hr later..
told Z to go and have his breakfast first as he dun have to starve mah..
i sat there seeing Z eating..
but not really feelin hungry coz i felt nauseous..
after tat times up..
took queue number den asked to come back 1 hr later again..
went to buy Sausage Mcmuffin w Egg..
coz scare after blood test will faint..
finally time for 2nd blood test..
done and immediately went Macdonalds..
Z ate again..
he had McSpicy meal..
he was very full after eating his 2nd meal..
we took bus to AMK Hub..
went to buy movie tickets for 2012..
was watching the 2.05pm show..
so while waiting,
went to walk around..
we went NTUC and brought things for Baby Elton again :D
after tat went up for our movie..
brought a popcorn combo..
the movie was fantastic!
very thrilling..
after movie went back home le..
coz we were both very tired..
i only slept 4 hrs before the blood test..
dunno y couldn't fall aslp after i got up for toilet -.-
yesterday Z took 1 day off coz he was too tired..
and now he just came back coz the machine spoil again..
update till here!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

think xuemin given birth le!!

Congrats to xuemin!
heard tat she given birth to dion le!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Elton is 28weeks today!!

2 days din use com le..
anyway today Baby Elton is 28weeks le!!!
happy lah!
which means i'm in 3rd trimester already?

Just saw gugu's blog,
saw tat she is pregnant already!!!!
happy for her!!
finally after waiting for so long..

Frm plurk,
saw tat xuemin will be giving birth today!
hope dion will be out smoothly and safely!

Yesterday Z took 1 day off..
actually we wanted to watch 2012..
but all the timing was full -.-
so we went back to Northpoint..
brought 1 vcd..
the infront part was very naggy..
only the ending part nice -.-
and yesterday we went to rent Tranformers2 to watch..
i wan unlucky yesterday!
lost my ez-link!
inside still got 10 dollars plus lor..
Z brought me a bag yesterday when we were out..
finally got new bag..
today tot Z dun have to go work..
but he still went at 11am plus..
hope he will be back early!
1 more day to my appointment..
hope i will pass!!!!
Z promise to bring me go watch 2012 after my checkup!

P.S I won't be blogging/plurking very often le..
so if u all wanna contact me,
can sms me at 82698173 ( only at nite)
coz daytime my hubby will be using >.<

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Northpoint with yy

Grumpy Laura's photo

Yy wif Laura~

Yesterday evening,
met up wif yy at Yishun..
coz we were both too bored and got nth to do..
waited for yy to reach Yishun mrt..
den we went Northpoint..
yy went to have her late lunch first,
after tat i took photos of laura..
she was very grumpy coz she wanna slp le..
no smiley laura :(
den we headed to Kiddy Palace to see things..
i wanna buy all the things lah!!
but no money..
yy got me a stretchmark cream..
feel really paiseh lor..
coz i didn't get anything for laura..
next time shall buy something for her..
we shopped for abt 2 hrs,
den yy went off to mit xiao han..
i went to buy KFC home and some bread frm BreadTalk..
den went home le..
I think my butt really grow piles!
its been 4 days already..
and i can still feel theres something at my butt -.-
next mon going appointment shall go and ask doctor..
blog till here!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Xuemin's levnie is changed back to dion :D

So ok..
xuemin decided to change back her gal's name to dion!
i'm happy for her~
coz i love the name dion too!
if not i won't vote dion de!
anyway 4 or 3 more days xuemin gonna end all her poor suffering le..
and baby dion will be out!
hope dion will be filial to xuemin lah..
coz xuemin suffered alot for her =)

tis saturday,
Baby Elton will be 28weeks le!!!
which means 7 months of pregnancy!!!!
soon Baby Elton will be out too..
anyway tat day the mother of the child my mum last time babysit,
came to our hse..
she advised me to tell KKH tat i wan to see the same doctor every time for my appointment..
coz she say its the same price when i give birth..
tis comin monday will go and ask..
Z say if they dun allow,
den i will change to clinic B or clinic A..
gonna ask them how much a 3D scan cost too..
wanna see Baby Elton~~~
i am hungry now..
coz breakfast i ate abit of the nasi lemak..
not nice at all..
later might be goin out to buy mcdonalds back~
till here den..

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Xuemin is giving birth~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second post of the day,
heard frm cheryl tat xuemin is giving birth already!!
hope everything goes well for her!!!!!!!!
excited to see levnie eh~~
sure look as pretty as xuemin de!
just now went opposite to have dinner wif family..
had 2 bowls of rice!
maybe too hungry le /.\
afternoon i had maggie mee..
den 4pm plus feel hungry le >.<
i have a very big appetite..
anyway 9 more days to OGTT!
hopefully i can pass!

27th Weeks! <3

I'm here to blog =)
Happy 27th weeks to Baby Elton!!!!!
1 more week to 28th weeks which is 7 months le!!
time passes so fast~

ytd was out for the whole day..
actually Z intend to take half-day off..
but in the end,
he took 1 day off :D
Z brought me out ytd..
we went out at 11am plus..
went to AMK Hub first..
brought my bra, a dimple pillow for Baby Elton~
den we took mrt to Toa Payoh..
went Koufu to have our lunch first..
i had Laksa Yong Tau Foo again!!
Z had Kway Chap..
den we went popular to see books..
Z bought 1 book..
feel really sorry for him..
coz till now he didn't get anything he likes..
all is my things and Baby Elton's things =x
after paying,
went Kiddy Palace to see see..
brought another pair of Mittens and Booties~
actually we wanted to ask yy out..
but called her at 12pm plus she didn't pick up -.-
in the end,
she called back at 1pm plus..
told us she just woke up!
asked her she wanna come TPY anot..
but she say go her place there find her..
so we went Bukit Batok to find her..
reached there,
saw Laura again! :)
shes still soo cute!!
wearing a dress..
we went Westmall to walk walk..
accompany yy to Sakae Sushi to have her lunch..
while yy was eating,
Z was carrying Laura!!!
she was moving alot..
Z was so scared lah!
one thing i can say is.......
Laura really got very strong legs!
she can kick alot especially when shes happy!
after yy finish eating,
we went to Tom & Stefanie to buy things..
we brought a Powder Puff, a Nose Cleaning Clip, a pair of Mitten and Bootie w Cap and a Feeding Bottle..
by tat time was already 5pm plus..
walked till my legs was aching >.<
we decided to go KFC to have our dinner..
yum yum~
after eating,
went to take MRT..
we alight at Khatib while yy alight at Bishan..
shes going to find her aunt..
blog till here!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Monday, 2 November 2009

Congrats to jasmine on the arrival of her babyboy, Jaxson :DD

I'm kinda late i noe..
anyway 2 more weeks to my next appointment!
i'm afraid and nervous lah >.<
hopefully Z will be able to off tml!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Baby Elton is 26 weeks today!!!

Happy 26th weeks to Baby Elton~~!!!!!!!

growing bigger and bigger le :D
i have been having supper tis few days..
oh my..
sure gain more and more weight le..
next wednesday is Z's off day..
hopefully will be able to go out~
actually i got nth else to update le..
so bye!

Friday, 30 October 2009

update abit~

I'm here to blog!
only words no pics..
will only post up pics maybe next month..
when i gotten the scanning pics..

i'm wondering is it normal for me,
coz till now my belly button still haven popped out!
its only dark in colour but no signs of popping out yet leh..
saw grace's blog..
her's already popped out -.-
coz we got the same edd..
nowadays i won't be blogging or plurking often..
due to financial problems..
hopefully my babes won't forget me~

Anyway tml Baby Elton gonna be 26 weeks le!
time passes so fast!
Happy Advance 26 weeks to Baby Elton~!!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

2nd Checkup at KKH

Obimin and Fish Oil

Maternity Top with a romper

Very tired today!
coz ytd nite couldn't get to slp..
was tossing here and there till 5am plus..
woke up and prepare,
den went out wif Z le..

Now just back frm checkup..
sad tat just got to heard heart beat only ='(
next month got to go KKH 2 times..
one is at 16th of Nov..
doin OGTT!!
scary sia..
i scare of pain leh!!!!
hopefully everything is ok..
*prays hard*!
another will be at 23rd of Nov,
doin growth scan to check Baby Elton grown how big :D

Just now went MotherCare brought a maternity top with romper =)
the same design de!
next mon will be goin out wif Z to get Baby Elton's things..
like so finally lor!
i've gained another 3 kgs again!!!!!!
getting more fatter and heavier le..
sob sob..

Today had Duck Rice and Bubbletea for lunch..
Z is making Dumpling now..
gonna go rest after he eat finish..
coz we r simply too tired..
especially my poor Z!
blog till here~

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Happy 25 weeks to Baby Elton~!

let me wish Baby Elton Happy 25 weeks :)
he gettin bigger and bigger le..
ytd just ate dinner at 7pm plus,
den 9pm plus feel hungry again -.-
but have to wait till 11 plus den Z will be back..
he bought Chicken Chop back~~
but cheryl got tempted by me eh ._.
i tempt cheryl,
yukiko tempt me back!
but nvm..
later on sis gonna order KFC for me and bro~
shes at her bf hse but they will send here :D

just now went out to help mum buy things..
was at Sheng Shiong buying things,
when out of the sudden i feel giddy and nauseous..
think got feel heart beat fast too!
so uncomfortable lor..
i faster paid for the things and went out to take a sit..
sit for 20mins plus den got better..
so i decided to go coffeeshop to drink a cup of hot milo..
dunno y after drinkin felt uncomfortable again!
but no choice lah /.\
faster buy finish the things den went home le..
just now ate the giddy medicine le..
now feel better~

~2 more days to Baby Elton's checkup~

Friday, 23 October 2009

here to update~!

I'm here to update!
recently i'm starting to experience backaches..
especially when i get up frm bed to go toilet..
but it only happens at nite eh..
weird huh?
tis few days,
Z will be workin frm 7am-10pm..
i can feel tat hes really very tired..
especially when he set alarm at 5am plus..
he can only manage to wake up at 6am plus..
coz he will only be able to reach home at 10pm/11pm plus..
so i will be awake too,
to make sure he will not be late for work..
even though i will be tired too,
but i dun mind..
coz Z is still the most tired person =(
but one thing i hate is,
after i gone back to bed at 6am plus,
i will be woke up at 7am plus by my family!
especially my mother!
tokin so loudly as if i'm invisible like tat!!!!
today i went back to bed only at 8am plus..
managed to slp till 9am plus..
3 more days to Baby Elton's checkup!! =))
so happy!!
but now like when i tok to Baby Elton,
he doesn't seems to response to me leh..
is it normal??
he will only move or kick when i'm not tokin to him -.-
tml Baby Elton will turn 25weeks~~!!
so happy for him!!!
guess i have nth to blog le..
so byee~~

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm gonna gain alot alot of weight!!

been havin McDonalds for supper for 2 nites le =x
yesterday was Z tempt me de >.<
i'm confirm gonna gain alot more weight!
muz stop le..

6 more days to Baby Elton's checkup..
time like passes so slow leh~
i'm wondering at KKH do 3D Scan need how much?
update till here!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Clothes For Baby Elton

Today is the 17th..
which means Baby Elton is 24 weeks (6 months) le!! :D
Happy 24 weeks to Baby Elton~~!!

Today mornin went out wif family to have breakfast..
went to eat Curry Rice..
when we got down the car,
i was feelin abit dizzy and felt nauseous..
but after drinkin hot milo den ok le..
After eating,
we went to Chinatown there..
went to OG coz got 20% sale..
brought 2 shirts, 1 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve
and 2 long pants for Baby Elton!
Baby Elton's clothes is becoming more and more..
but i still find it not enough eh!
i wanna get more items for Baby Elton :)

Afternoon had 高记酿豆腐 for lunch..
den just now had 2 chicken wings and few mouthfuls of the hokkien mee..
not nice de :(
soooooo salty!
guess i will blog till here..

Once again~

Happy 24 weeks, Baby Elton~!!
Mummy and Daddy love u alot alot :))

Friday, 16 October 2009

23 weeks 6 days

Tummy at 23 weeks 6 days

Took frm the top ( look at the stretchmarks -.-)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


2 more days,
baby elton gonna be 24 weeks le..
recently will feel tat my vaginal area will have "vibration"..
dun really noe how to describe it..
but i will feel tat something moving at my vaginal area >.<
wonder wads tat..

Thank god Z is back already..
if not i think i will cry everynite!
i freakin hate my mum lah!
keep tellin tales to her frens,
den just now the fcuking auntie even expect me to apologise to her!
tis is our family problems,
so wad does tat have to do wif u??????
u think u very great is it?

And now my freaking mum is nagging, nagging and nagging..
keep on repeating the things all over again..
pls lah..
the matter is over already can u stop harping on it!!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Im here to update~
yesterday discovered my thighs, the side of my tummy is starting to appear stretchmarks!
i didn't noe it only until yesterday!
i tot only the front part of my tummy and my arms got stretchmarks lor!
but nvm,
coz i noe baby elton is growing :D

Im so looking forward to the 27th..
checkup on tat day..
Z says if got money left,
hes gonna get me a phone..
coz now i dun have phone to use -.-
gonna pay my bills soon too!
i wanna buy more things for baby elton!
i think its a very happy thing to shop for ur lil one :)

Just now went Yishun Library to return book,
i borrowed a pregnancy book =)
might be reading it at nite..
after borrowing,
went food court to buy mixed veg rice..
darn expensive!
4 dollars!
i rather buy at Khatib here lor :(
after tat went to buy Bubble Tea home~

Sunday, 11 October 2009







OF TIS FCUKING HSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Detail Scan

Ytd was my first appointment at KKH..
reached there at 8.20am like tat..
den registered all tat..
waited for our turn..
den went to take urine test first..
after tat went to do a simple scan..
saw lil baby again :)
next to do detail scan..
saw every lil thing of baby..
den next was to check gender..
the doctor says its a baby boy!
at first baby elton's head was facing downwards..
den he turned and became lying down like tat..
so can check his gender..
was kinda pain while doin the ultrasound..
dunno y oso..
anyway i already got the feelin is a boy le..
woman's sixth sense maybe?
after finishing all,
the nurse asked us to go and make payment all tat..
but at first the doctor say will let me and Z do a blood test..
while we were waitin to pay..
the nurse came and said she forgot wan us to do blood test..
so we went to another room outside to wait..
after tat was our turn..
i took first..
was very afraid at first..
but after tat ok le..
after Z finish doin,
we went to the counter there to make payment..
only manage to finish all at 11am plus..
by tat time im already starving..
coz we didn't had our breakfast..
next appointment is at 27th of Oct..
after leaving KKH,
we took bus 57 to Bishan Interchange..
had chicken rice at Food Junction..
den took 410w to Bishan st 22 there..
Z went there to take hp frm a auntie..
den we took bus 88 to AMK Hub..
went there to shop for baby elton's things..
brought a Body Suit and a Pacifier Chain..
after buying,brought 2 Pork Sausage and 4 Durian Pancake home~
Today had Roti Prata for breakfast,
Z had 水饺拉面..
actually wanted to rent dvd home to watch..
but like no nice show to watch..
so didn't rent any..
just now brought 6 can Sprite and 1 bottle of HoneyLemon and some Sushis :D
den back home..

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pregnancy Known.

Since i got nth to do now..
let me blog about how i found out my pregnancy..

I can only remember roughly that during may,
my last menses came on the 13th..
i din go and take note when my last menses came..
is Z help me remembered! lol
i think tat time i missed my menses for abt 2 weeks..
den we went to buy a kit frm Watsons..
went home,
i din straight away test..
think i did it on the next mornin..
after tested,
it showed 2 lines..
den i showed to Z..
he was like kinda shock yet happy lah!
but i was like not convinced yet..
coz earlier got missed menses for few days..
bought a kit but it showed negative~
so just let it be lor..

And tat time was havin financial prob..
so i only went to Polyclinic during july..
did a urine test..
and its confirmed i'm pregnant..
Z kept on tellin me he's going to be a father le!
by tat time already got symptoms appearing..
like no appetite, nauseous, feel tired easily, go toilet more often etc..
tat time i only ate bread for my dinner..
Z was gettin worried of coz..
most of the time he ask me if i'm hungry,
i always say i'm not hungry..
so during september,
went polyclinic again to get referral letter to hospital..
tat was the first time me and Z heard Baby Elton's heartbeat!
we were like so happy!
after tat got to know my appointment is on Oct..
we are like very impatient le..
coz we wanna do ultrasound scan..
and i was about 4 months pregnant already..
so we went to amk hub to book at the Thomson Women's Clinic..
gynae was Dr Michele Lee..
quite a nice lady :)
so the next day we went to do ultrasound scan,
saw Baby Elton moving inside my tummy :D
so damn happy..
and he was like covering up his private part using his legs..
so cheeky can~
in the end Elton decided to just open up and let us see..
and tat's when we know tat it's a BabyBoy :DD

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

20 Weeks Tummy

Here to update my big fat tummy pic..
damn ugly..
other ppl's tummy pic like so beautiful lor >.<
later on will be mitin Yy at TPY at 2pm..
Z will be goin wif me again..
coz he scare something will happen to me..
Yy will be bringin laura along!
the second time im gonna see her daughter..
first was at her first month..
ytd webcam wif Yy..
saw laura playin oso..
later on dunno will buy anything anot..
see first..
update till here~

Friday, 18 September 2009

Baby's First Ultrasound Scan!

As promised,
here to update abt yesterday's ultrasound scan..
reached Thomson Women's Clinic at abt 4.30pm..
registered all tat..
den take my blood pressure..
after tat waited for a while,
went in to the room..
doctor ask all details first before she proceed..
she did the vaginal scan thingy first..
feel very uncomfortable lor..
coz insert one thing inside =x
and its the first time we saw something on the screen!
next was ultrasound scan,
saw our lil baby moving abt..
so cute..
doctor says baby is abt 20 weeks already..
next she wanted to check whether gal or boy,
but NAUGHTY baby keep moving here and there..
if not is use he/her leg to cover private part!
saw baby turn here and there..
got one time is scan the infront there,
saw abit only den baby use leg cover again -.-
doctor says might be boy coz saw abit..
but not confirm yet!
edd is on the 6th of Feb 2010..
dunno will change anot..
i simple love lil baby lah!
so happy to see a small lil life moving abt in my tummy..
I hav changed my appointment to 29th of Sep at KKH..
coz the staff at TWC says i muz do the fetal anormally scan before 4th of Oct..
den my actual appointment is at 5th of Oct..
so hav to call and change..
i think by tat time hav to test blood le!
scared abt the pain..
later on will be mitin indri at AMK..
sms her already but no reply -.-
update till here!