Thursday, 29 September 2011

Appointment At KKH

Today bought Elton to kkh for his speech appointment.. At first thought tat we forgot to bring the referral letter but in the end we got bring.. Doctor says now just give Elton somemore time.. So the next appointment will be when Elton turns 2 years old.. After tat we headed to Takashimaya by cab.. Bought a laptop and my lil prince started to throw tantrum coz we woke him up at 7am+.. Decided to go Chinatown by cab again.. Reached there I suggested to go 裕华国货.. It's hubby, me and Elton's first time.. Nothing fascinating on the first and second level.. But when we went up level 3, got shocked by the amount of snacks and stuffs there! Spend $30+ altogether.. Den we went to buy some food and back home by cab again!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Xin Wang.

Went Northpoint's Xin Wang with mum, hubby and Elton for our dinner today.. Met sis at Northpoint after her work.. Ordered chicken chop w spaghetti! And my favorite yuan yang! Yum yum~ Pictures below~

Heading out~

Elton will never look into the camera whenever I wanna take photo :/


Evidence -.-

Sis and Elton

Have to "trick" him in order to let him look into the camera

Elton's expression is so cute!


Snatching ah yi's drink

Yay I've won! :D


Look at what he's trying to do


Alright enough of blogging, tml still gotta wake up early to bring Elton to kkh for his appointment. Pls help me click on the ads if there's any! Thanks alot!!

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Updating photos taken quite sometime ago.. Let the photos do the talking~

My lil boy enjoying his baby bites :)


I love to read!

Smiling so happily!

Ah gong and grandson!

Carrying his new bag for the first time

Starting to mess up the place again -.-

Caught in the act

I love starpuff

Tat's all, bye bye!

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Friday, 23 September 2011


Mum got admitted on the 21st of september due to her vomitting and feeling giddy for the whole day..
And now we are back home with mum already..
i had 4 days off because tis week is my weekend off and today was my R/O for hari raya..
so fast 2 days has passed another 2 more days and i have to return to work :(
anyway yesterday we have finally received the letter for the appeal of the LTVP!
finally ICA granted hubby 1 year of the LTVP!
The last time we were only granted 6 months..
Tml gonna go polyclinic to do health checkup..
and i have collected my passport yesterday!
hopefully can use my passport soon :/
I wanna go overseas with hubby and Elton!
Gonna bring Elton to do his passport soon!
Today my iPhone kisiao :(:(
just now couldn't on back after i switch it off..
i can only on back after it's battery is finished..
really fml!
laptop already dead and my iPhone seems like CMI already :'(

Sunday, 4 September 2011

19 Months Old!

Another month have passed,
and my lil boy has turn 19 months!
feel tat i dun really have much time to spend with my precious as i'm busy working now :(
anyway now Elton is starting to learn more things now!
and he's walking really well now..
think a few months later he will start to run..
Drinking Isomil 3-4 times a day
Knows how to "Bye Bye", "No More", "High-Five", "Shake Hands", "Goodbye Kiss"
Knows how to unlock my iphone
Love to walk around on his own, hates ppl holding his hands when walking
Loves to eat fruits