Saturday, 31 October 2009

Baby Elton is 26 weeks today!!!

Happy 26th weeks to Baby Elton~~!!!!!!!

growing bigger and bigger le :D
i have been having supper tis few days..
oh my..
sure gain more and more weight le..
next wednesday is Z's off day..
hopefully will be able to go out~
actually i got nth else to update le..
so bye!

Friday, 30 October 2009

update abit~

I'm here to blog!
only words no pics..
will only post up pics maybe next month..
when i gotten the scanning pics..

i'm wondering is it normal for me,
coz till now my belly button still haven popped out!
its only dark in colour but no signs of popping out yet leh..
saw grace's blog..
her's already popped out -.-
coz we got the same edd..
nowadays i won't be blogging or plurking often..
due to financial problems..
hopefully my babes won't forget me~

Anyway tml Baby Elton gonna be 26 weeks le!
time passes so fast!
Happy Advance 26 weeks to Baby Elton~!!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

2nd Checkup at KKH

Obimin and Fish Oil

Maternity Top with a romper

Very tired today!
coz ytd nite couldn't get to slp..
was tossing here and there till 5am plus..
woke up and prepare,
den went out wif Z le..

Now just back frm checkup..
sad tat just got to heard heart beat only ='(
next month got to go KKH 2 times..
one is at 16th of Nov..
doin OGTT!!
scary sia..
i scare of pain leh!!!!
hopefully everything is ok..
*prays hard*!
another will be at 23rd of Nov,
doin growth scan to check Baby Elton grown how big :D

Just now went MotherCare brought a maternity top with romper =)
the same design de!
next mon will be goin out wif Z to get Baby Elton's things..
like so finally lor!
i've gained another 3 kgs again!!!!!!
getting more fatter and heavier le..
sob sob..

Today had Duck Rice and Bubbletea for lunch..
Z is making Dumpling now..
gonna go rest after he eat finish..
coz we r simply too tired..
especially my poor Z!
blog till here~

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Happy 25 weeks to Baby Elton~!

let me wish Baby Elton Happy 25 weeks :)
he gettin bigger and bigger le..
ytd just ate dinner at 7pm plus,
den 9pm plus feel hungry again -.-
but have to wait till 11 plus den Z will be back..
he bought Chicken Chop back~~
but cheryl got tempted by me eh ._.
i tempt cheryl,
yukiko tempt me back!
but nvm..
later on sis gonna order KFC for me and bro~
shes at her bf hse but they will send here :D

just now went out to help mum buy things..
was at Sheng Shiong buying things,
when out of the sudden i feel giddy and nauseous..
think got feel heart beat fast too!
so uncomfortable lor..
i faster paid for the things and went out to take a sit..
sit for 20mins plus den got better..
so i decided to go coffeeshop to drink a cup of hot milo..
dunno y after drinkin felt uncomfortable again!
but no choice lah /.\
faster buy finish the things den went home le..
just now ate the giddy medicine le..
now feel better~

~2 more days to Baby Elton's checkup~

Friday, 23 October 2009

here to update~!

I'm here to update!
recently i'm starting to experience backaches..
especially when i get up frm bed to go toilet..
but it only happens at nite eh..
weird huh?
tis few days,
Z will be workin frm 7am-10pm..
i can feel tat hes really very tired..
especially when he set alarm at 5am plus..
he can only manage to wake up at 6am plus..
coz he will only be able to reach home at 10pm/11pm plus..
so i will be awake too,
to make sure he will not be late for work..
even though i will be tired too,
but i dun mind..
coz Z is still the most tired person =(
but one thing i hate is,
after i gone back to bed at 6am plus,
i will be woke up at 7am plus by my family!
especially my mother!
tokin so loudly as if i'm invisible like tat!!!!
today i went back to bed only at 8am plus..
managed to slp till 9am plus..
3 more days to Baby Elton's checkup!! =))
so happy!!
but now like when i tok to Baby Elton,
he doesn't seems to response to me leh..
is it normal??
he will only move or kick when i'm not tokin to him -.-
tml Baby Elton will turn 25weeks~~!!
so happy for him!!!
guess i have nth to blog le..
so byee~~

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm gonna gain alot alot of weight!!

been havin McDonalds for supper for 2 nites le =x
yesterday was Z tempt me de >.<
i'm confirm gonna gain alot more weight!
muz stop le..

6 more days to Baby Elton's checkup..
time like passes so slow leh~
i'm wondering at KKH do 3D Scan need how much?
update till here!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Clothes For Baby Elton

Today is the 17th..
which means Baby Elton is 24 weeks (6 months) le!! :D
Happy 24 weeks to Baby Elton~~!!

Today mornin went out wif family to have breakfast..
went to eat Curry Rice..
when we got down the car,
i was feelin abit dizzy and felt nauseous..
but after drinkin hot milo den ok le..
After eating,
we went to Chinatown there..
went to OG coz got 20% sale..
brought 2 shirts, 1 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve
and 2 long pants for Baby Elton!
Baby Elton's clothes is becoming more and more..
but i still find it not enough eh!
i wanna get more items for Baby Elton :)

Afternoon had 高记酿豆腐 for lunch..
den just now had 2 chicken wings and few mouthfuls of the hokkien mee..
not nice de :(
soooooo salty!
guess i will blog till here..

Once again~

Happy 24 weeks, Baby Elton~!!
Mummy and Daddy love u alot alot :))

Friday, 16 October 2009

23 weeks 6 days

Tummy at 23 weeks 6 days

Took frm the top ( look at the stretchmarks -.-)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


2 more days,
baby elton gonna be 24 weeks le..
recently will feel tat my vaginal area will have "vibration"..
dun really noe how to describe it..
but i will feel tat something moving at my vaginal area >.<
wonder wads tat..

Thank god Z is back already..
if not i think i will cry everynite!
i freakin hate my mum lah!
keep tellin tales to her frens,
den just now the fcuking auntie even expect me to apologise to her!
tis is our family problems,
so wad does tat have to do wif u??????
u think u very great is it?

And now my freaking mum is nagging, nagging and nagging..
keep on repeating the things all over again..
pls lah..
the matter is over already can u stop harping on it!!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Im here to update~
yesterday discovered my thighs, the side of my tummy is starting to appear stretchmarks!
i didn't noe it only until yesterday!
i tot only the front part of my tummy and my arms got stretchmarks lor!
but nvm,
coz i noe baby elton is growing :D

Im so looking forward to the 27th..
checkup on tat day..
Z says if got money left,
hes gonna get me a phone..
coz now i dun have phone to use -.-
gonna pay my bills soon too!
i wanna buy more things for baby elton!
i think its a very happy thing to shop for ur lil one :)

Just now went Yishun Library to return book,
i borrowed a pregnancy book =)
might be reading it at nite..
after borrowing,
went food court to buy mixed veg rice..
darn expensive!
4 dollars!
i rather buy at Khatib here lor :(
after tat went to buy Bubble Tea home~

Sunday, 11 October 2009







OF TIS FCUKING HSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!