Thursday, 29 November 2012

Finally Received My Item!

Took more than 3 weeks to receive this leggings!

Shopping at Ntuc~

Look at his funny face >.<

No idea where Elton is looking at -.-

Nice smile babyboy!


Posing for photo~

Short update for today. Finally receive the leggings i order from Qoo10! Was really worried that i won't be able to receive the item after waiting for so long. Thankfully it reached me safely today! Monday hub was working half-day till 9.30pm. So Elton and i decided to go to hub's workplace to fetch him from work! We reached there at about 8+ and we went to Ntuc for shopping~ Brought snacks and stuffs, soon hub finished work and we cab home together =)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Breaking Dawn II ; Sakae Sushi

Look at the amount of food for three

Happy boy playing in his ball tent!

Durians again!! I swear the 猫山王 on the right taste really good!

Yesterday evening was movie Breaking Dawn II with bro and sis. Went to GV Yishun to watch it. It's really worth to watch! Rate it 9/10. After movie we went to Sakae Sushi for dinner. There was many people eating there. Waiting time was 20 mins :( But food was awesome so it's ok :) After eating we are back home~

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nex With Sis And Her Bf

Lunch: Grandma's @ Nex

Nasi Lemak

Fish n Chips


Fried Chicken Wing


Happy boy!

Can see that his eyes are tired already =>

My cheerful baby =)=)

New toy for babyboy

Today morning, sis and bro went market to buy groceries and they came back with durians!! Been some time since i had it! Yum yum =) In the afternoon sis, Elton and i went Nex to meet sis's bf. And we went to Grandma's for our lunch.First time being there and the food is consider ok. After lunch, went to Ntuc and shopped awhile. Brought a tent with balls for Elton! His favourite :D Also brought Merries tape diaper as his current one is running out! And we brought otahs from Lee Wee & Brothers. Very yummy otahs! After buying we went to basement to dabao food back. And we are back home :) Lil boy fell asleep while in cab and he's being sleeping since 8+ till now. Even when i let him sit up to change him into pyjamas, he still continue sleeping. I'm kinda worried cause this is the first time seeing my precious so tired! Hopefully he is just too tired :/


Sis and bro brought durians!! Yum yum!

I had a new haircut and it cost only $2.80! Cheap and not bad :)

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

SSC With Sis And Elton!

Loots from Daiso

Lil boy playing with the mic

Mummy love u!!

Randomly edit the photo LOL

Love the eyes leh :X

Just came back home from SSC with sis and Elton. Took the shuttle bus there and came back in cab cause it was raining~ First we went Daiso and brought snacks! Our favourite hobby! Haha. Then to basement to buy Gong Cha and to Giant. Brought some groceries there and home sweet home~~!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Drawing On His Own.

Yesterday went Popular and brought a drawing block as Elton has been telling me he want to "画画". Basically i just let him used the colored pencils and just draw around.Now whenever he woke up from sleep, he will tell me he want to "画画". Who knows next time my baby might become an artist? Hehe

Edited: Dym finally came visiting after MIA for 2 weeks! Elton, ur wish for didi/meimei 破灭了! Daddy and mummy will try again next time ok? We love u darling~!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Catching Up With Felicia~

Cheeky look~

I love Share Tea too!

Mischievous boy

Elton and Felicia! Both not looking into the camera :/

Loots from Qoo10!

Today met up with Felicia and we went to Khatib to have prata! The one that i have been recommending her to try! It's been ages since we last met up especially now that i have left Isetan. Wanna thanks Felicia for accompanying us walking around. From Khatib and we took bus to Northpoint to continue walking~ Lol So yeah i've received my loots today! One Disney and one Jumping Beans. Love their t-shirts cause it's too cute to resist! I'm sure my boy will look cute in it =D Please help me click on the ads if there's any~! Tyvm