Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kiddy Ride.

First time Elton sat through the ride!

Dinner tonight

Today brought Elton to Northpoint to meet sis as she helped me to buy Kokomo baby bath and Pigeon laundry detergent. Naughty boy have not been napping for 3 days already! Fed up lor. Zzz. So anyway Elton wanted to sit the kiddy ride outside watsons. Was thinking for sure he don't dare to sit throughout the ride but he surprises me by sitting till the ride ends and he wanted more! After the ride, meet both bros at downstairs to have dinner at BGain 293 coffeeshop . Ate till really full. After dinner then we went back home :)

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kracie Popin' Cookin'

Ichiban Sushi for lunch!

Our food =)

Elton toy from the kid's meal


Pictures with my precious boy!

Met up with sis at Amk hub today cause we thought of going to buy Elton's school shoes. In the end only brought his white socks. Had our lunch first then to Hako to buy popin' cookin'! Had been hesitating to buy it on Qoo10. And i was really surprised to find it there. Quite ex of cause as it was $11.90 each and 5 for $50 :/ So we only brought 2 to try out. We have already tried out the gummyland, quite easy to do after seeing the videos on YouTube. After buying, we headed to Ntuc to get groceries! Brought lotsa stuffs till we filled up the trolley. Lol. After paying went to buy few bottles of herbal tea and cabbed home :)
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Starting School Soon.

Received a call on 3rd of June from pap that there's a vacancy for Elton in the pre-nursery class! So Elton will be starting school of the 1st of July. And Elton's godpa went to buy a new school bag and water bottle for his first day of school. We are all very excited too. Can't wait to see my lil boy wearing his uniform! 

Father's Day Dinner


Bottle Tree Park


My naughty boy!


Bro and Sis

Dad and Sis

Mummy and Son

Mummy and Son take 2

Dad and I

Er Ge, Dad and Da Ge

Dad, Elton and I

Family photo(except hubby who's still working)

Taken by yours truly haha

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

I'm here to wish my dad and hubby a Happy Father's Day! Thank u both for working so hard in providing us a better life. And to all the fathers/father-to-be out there, Happy Father's Day too!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bath And Body Works & Power Bank

Few weeks back ordered the above items from Qoo10. Have tried out all and i love BBW products! Have been wanting to try their products for a long time. Glad i have found them! Hehe. And the power bank so far still working well. Hope it will last me for some time. Have been lazy to update my blog recently. Shall not be lazy anymore. Anyway pls help me click on the ads if there are any! Tyvm!

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Underwater World

Brought Elton to UWS on hubby's off day. It's our first time there so we were very excited! Took mrt to Harbourfront and we change to Sentosa Express. Alighted at Beach Station and we took Bus No.1 to reach there. Everything amazes us in there haha. Walk around taking photos and we proceeded to Dolphin Lagoon for show! It was already very crowded when we reached. Glad to find a seat there. Really enjoy the Dophin and Sea Lion show! The next family outing most probably will be Zoo/S.e.a Aquarium!