Thursday, 30 December 2010


Xiao long bao~

Dinner at Ding Tai Feng!

Cakes frm Pine Garden!

My lovely boy!

Acting innocent =x

Tio stun. Lols


I have started work on the 27th of Dec..
working as cashier again!
but tis job got lots of things to learn..
seriously can die by learning all those transaction!
so anyway i'm free to blog is becoz i'm on 2 days mc..
yesterday and today..
having flu, cough and sore throat :(
tml gonna work again :(
2 more days indri is leaving spore!
so sad can..
can't mit up wif her le..
and vel vel is coming back on the 1st of jan?
but she will be leaving on the 3rd of jan..
one go back, one come back!
but i dun think i am able to mit up wif her..
how i wish i can still continue to be a sahm :(
but it's impossible if i wanna give Elton a better life..
update till here~

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Seafood Aglio Olio

Mummy and son :)

Elton's first Barney ride!

Indri and me :)

Yihlin and me :)


The three of us :)

Our drinks at double bay


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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Update Of A Few Videos.

Well, enjoy~!

Pics ; New Job

Cheeky lil boy!

Out for gai gai~!

Haha evil me!

Bullying me by pulling my hair :'(

I wore a headband for Elton. Haha


Hmm above are the recent pics of Elton..
gd news is i have finally found a job,
bad new is i won't be able to be by Elton's side 24/7 :(
sad die me!
gonna start work on next monday..
on the other hand at least i am earning money on my own,
to provide for Elton a better life~
so i think i better think positive :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Northpoint & Amk Hub With Indri (L)

The clothes indri bought for Elton frm OldNavy!

Toy for Elton, Perfume frm Juicy Couture and biscuit for me!

My dinner at Ichiban Sushi!

Ice cream chocolate frm KOI!

Indri and Elton!

Take 2!

Take 3!

Today met up wif indri at northpoint's swensens,
she just came back frm USA and she bought lots of clothes for Elton!
thanks alot gal! =)
we ordered french fries and chocolate fondue!
den we headed to amk hub to get KOI..
coz indri says she wanna try..
after getting KOI,
went to walk around amk hub..
indri bought for Elton a blanket at Ntuc..
den we went Ichiban Sushi for dinner..
mad yummy!
eat till very full..
went to walk around den we left for home..
had a great and fun time wif indri today!
feel so paiseh for her to buy so many things for us and treating me food!
thanks alot! :D

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Another Guess Wallet From Sis!

Sis bought me another guess wallet!
mad love! :D

Mums & Babes Warehouse Sales 2nd Day

The 5 ppl queuing before us



Mamas & Papas Trip Stroller
Reached toh guan at 2.40am to queue for the above stroller..
it was selling at $19.90 (usual: $248) limited to 1st 15 customers..
queue till 9am and we finally gotten the stroller..
mad happy when they opened the door coz we sit till butt pain plus ton for the whole nite..
was half dead when we reached home..
thanks dad for slping in my room to look after Elton..

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Son: Daddy do u want to play with me?
Daddy: Zzzzzzzz

Son: Forget it =[

Ah mummy secretly kiss me *shy*

Yum Yum


Drinking juice

Clap ur hands together with me!