Sunday, 22 November 2015

I'm Back For An Update :)

I am here to update after a few months of not updating. Still living this shitty life yeah. Anyway i've already registered Arielle's childcare. On the 2nd of dec there's PTC for Elton. Already applied leave on that day and i got their daddy to took leave too. Hopefully can successfully settle our separation stuffs. Been dragging for so long already. Currently he's renting a place outside (that's good news for us). So the kids have not seen or hear from their daddy for quite some time already.

On the 29th of dec there's a wedding for us to attend. Our boss's youngest son is getting married at orchid country club. So i've already worked here for more than 6 months already. So far so good except for those office politics. Jiayou to myself!