Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bad Week.

Lomo lomo photos


Poor lil boy

Poor lil Elton was down wif fever on friday..
his temp refuse to come down and stayed on 39 degrees..
so no choice we had to bring him to kkh yesterday..
nurse measured his temp and it was 41.1 degrees..
nurse give him fever medicine and we had to monitor him for 1 hr..
den later gave himthe open airway medicine..
thankfully after 2 hrs or so,
his temp came down and Elton dun need to be admitted..
headed home and let him nap..
and he was mad cranky since last nite..
only willing to fall aslp when he lie on my tummy..
making me really fed up plus i'm having cough and flu too..
but i noe Elton is feeling really unwell :(
hope he will recover soon..
mummy loves u, babyboy!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Love tis pic! Mad cute!

Acting cute :P


My big boy

Happy 1st bday to navden! :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My 22nd Birthday

I've turn 22!
omg so old!
anyway went to work as usual,
and it was the first day of cut-out coupon..
so there was alot of customer..
damn tired!
after work,
went back home and had dinner..
after tat cut cake..
parents, sis and bro gave me an angbao each..
tats all!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Turning 22nd real soon.

Less than an hour to my 22nd birthday,
no much feelings maybe i have gotten used to it?
no celebrations, no nth..
hmm it just felt like any other normal day to me..

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm off on today and tml! Happy happy!

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Friday, 4 February 2011

1 Year Old!

Last year of today,
i gave birth to my babyboy Elton..
and now he is already 1 year old!
still can't believe tat my lil boy has already grown up!
mummy is so proud of u, darling!
grow up happily and healthily alright!
mummy is contented to have u in my life!
Drinking 150ml 3-4 hourly (idk why his milk intake is getting lesser as he grow up :x)
Knows how to crawl
Can walk a few steps independently
Still loves to run in his walker
Loves to call "ma ma" by playing with his saliva
Loves to go gai gai especially in car/taxi
Loves to eat anything we are eating
Hates taking pictures
Knows how to recognise people

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Pics taken last week~

Happy lil boy~

Good morning~

Hello, i am practicing standing :D


Yummy comb~


Taking afternoon nap today.

Otw out to bai nian in his CNY clothes~

Mummy and Babyboy :)

So bright~

恭喜发财~! 红包一个来! :P

Happy CNY to all!
today went to my gugu's hse to bai nian..
全家出动! LOL
ate abit of steamboat there,
den it's the give and take time :(
tml morning will be heading to cousin's condo for gathering..
counted a total of 21 angbaos i need to give..
tis time really sad die me liao :'(
but it's ok as i got Elton to spend tis year's CNY :D
tat's enough..
anyway gonna start work on saturday..
dread going back sia :S
i still wanna stay at home and enjoy..
i love talking to princess, narcisa, siew cheng, louisa, daniel and tat keane who always bio chiobu? LOLOL!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Update :)

It's the 2nd of February already! Which means 2 more days to my lil boy's 1 year old! Can't believe that my darling boy is turning 1 year soon! Anyway today is CNY eve, started work at 8.30am.. Mad tired and sleepy! Worked till 5.30pm den closed counter! Anyway today was really busy as there was alot of ppl buying things! And they buy alot too :/ Anyway one japanese lady really made my day! She asked me is today very busy? And I said yes, den she say "jiayou" to me.. That really brightens up my day :) Hmm tml gonna go relative's Hse to bai nian! And now it's raining again :/

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