Thursday, 30 December 2010


Xiao long bao~

Dinner at Ding Tai Feng!

Cakes frm Pine Garden!

My lovely boy!

Acting innocent =x

Tio stun. Lols


I have started work on the 27th of Dec..
working as cashier again!
but tis job got lots of things to learn..
seriously can die by learning all those transaction!
so anyway i'm free to blog is becoz i'm on 2 days mc..
yesterday and today..
having flu, cough and sore throat :(
tml gonna work again :(
2 more days indri is leaving spore!
so sad can..
can't mit up wif her le..
and vel vel is coming back on the 1st of jan?
but she will be leaving on the 3rd of jan..
one go back, one come back!
but i dun think i am able to mit up wif her..
how i wish i can still continue to be a sahm :(
but it's impossible if i wanna give Elton a better life..
update till here~

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