Monday, 21 June 2010

Lil boy holding his bottle by himself!


Simply love his smile^^

Look at how my lil boy slp

Cheerful boy!

Tummy Time~

In his sarong playing


Yesterday Elton slept through the nite..
shld be the first time i think?
his last milk feed was at 10.50pm,
and he only wake up at 6.50am for milk..
I'm so proud of him!
13 more days to Baby Elton's 5th month..
time flies!
and it oso means he gonna go for jab soon!
ohmy ohmy!
nowadays he can shout real loud..
and he still love to eat his hands alot..
sometimes eat till he feel nauseous!
now he don't like to be carried in sitting down position..
he only wan to be carried and walking around..
bth him lor..
but he is still daddy and mummy's lil precious..
Daddy and Mummy loves u, Baby Elton!
Yesterday was vel vel's bday!
so sorry now den i blog here!
Vel Vel,
just wanna wish u a happy bday!
hope u enjoy urself yesterday!
u noe i will always be here for u,
coz u r the nicest fren i ever known (including INDRI!)
I'm really glad tat i noe u two..
i hope we will always be frens no matter where we are!

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