Thursday, 4 November 2010

9 Months Old!

Happy 9 months to my babyboy, Elton!
Today bought Elton to polyclinic for his 9th month developmental assessment..
hearing test first den measured his weight, length and head circumference..
the nurse say he everything oso round round..
hmm 3 more months till Elton is 1 year old..
most probably will be celebrating at home..
still dunno where to order his 1st bday cake..
Drinking 150ml 2-3 hourly in the daytime, nite time sometimes he can slp through the nite
1 porridge / cereal as lunch
Has 4 teeth spouted out, another one coming out frm his top gum
Can run really fast in his walker
Loves to follow his ah gong around in his walker
Learning to speak now
Loves to pull ppl's hair or bite ppl
Will run to the person if there is food
Loves eating baby bites and star puff
Hates to wash hair now( impatient baby)
Hates to drink water frm other milk bottles except Avent one

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