Thursday, 13 January 2011


Decided to order tis 2 tier cake for Elton's 1st bday! Top is fresh strawberry cream cake, bottom is triple layer chocolate!

Won Kotex hamper from Cleo magazine :D

Won tis momo hamper from mediacorp :D

Bought Wakodo juice and biscuit for my babyboy :)

Today went to collect the above hampers! So happy tat I actually won something for the photo I email to mediacorp! It's actually for the baby smile contest :) And it's my very first time winning from Cleo! Mad happy! Hehe.. Anyway next week will be Elton's 1st bday celebration already! Mad fast! Getting really excited abt tat day! Tml gonna work again :( And Monday I'm working full shift :/ Do help me click on the ads if there's any! Tyvm! So update till here! Ciaoz

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