Monday, 4 April 2011

14 Months Old!

Happy 14 months to my precious Elton!!

next month will be his 15 months old vaccination..

hope my lil boy will be ok after the jab!

he's really getting naughtier yet he's so adorable at times!
really contradicting..
daddy and mummy will always love u, darling (L)


Drinking 150ml/120ml(sometimes) per hourly

Loves to snatch food with us

Loves to play with his ah gong and da jiu and ah yi

Loves to disturb his er jiu

Knows how to call "Pa Pa"

Sometimes will call "Pa Pa" really loudly if his daddy never continue to feed him food

Knows how to answer us when we ask him question like "want anot?"

Still walks with support(sometimes can walk 5-6 steps on his own)

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