Tuesday, 5 February 2013

First Time At eXplorer Kid @ Amk Hub

Warning: Massive photos uploaded :x

Love this pool leh but Elton was afraid :x

Lil boy was tired cause he woke up really early today

FYI sis was talking to an older boy

This boy of mine become really shy when the older boy talked to him -.-

Today was mum's 生忌, as usual we went to Tai Pei Yuan temple at balestier to pay respect. Hubby couldn't come along cause he was working. And today was my hubby's first morning shift!! He start work at 7.30am and end work at 11pm. Damn torturing sia :/ So after paying respect, we took cab to Amk hub as sis got the coupon for eXplorer kid. Worn our socks and we headed in! The place was quite big but sis say it's not as fun as SingKids. Lol. Sis accompany Elton to climb up and i was taking photos around. Lucky us cause they was only a family of three and an older boy playing! Haha. Played for about 30 mins and Elton was saying he don't want to play anymore. He keep walking towards the exit lor -.- Mainly is because he got frightened by a play area inside. My really timid baby! After playing, we went to FairPrice extra to buy some steamboat ingredients. Really crowded inside there! After that we cabbed home :) Elton slept from 4+ in the noon till 7pm! Guess he's really tired already :)
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