Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Belated 24th Birthday Present

My Coach wristlet is finally here! Waited for almost 3 weeks to receive it! Its my very first time owning something from Coach and i love it so so much! And it is in my favourite colour, purple! Hehe.

Now that it's already march, means more things to stress about. Flat, Elton's nursery. Flat definitely we won't be able to pay for it now. Hopefully we can enrol Elton in nursery soon! We don't want him to be lagging behind others :( Now we are still waiting for the march intake. Sigh, hubby's job confirm no more already. And we have to apply for LTVP again. Means more money we will be spending too. Can't remember much but i know we must pay a $90 and a $120? Spent so much just on a LTVP :/ I gotta get a job real soon if not how are we going to pay the bills and stuffs and Elton's milk powder and diapers. Thankfully sis just brought a tin of milk powder and dad lend me money to buy Elton's diapers. Now that i am urgently needing a job, why did i have to fall sick at this time? Came back from interview and i'm having sore throat. Soon cough and fever came to find me too. How great isn't it? Now this sickening cough still won't go away! Please don't play a joke on me anymore!

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