Monday, 3 February 2014

26 Weeks And 2 Days Checkup.

Did glucose test so i had to fast the night before. Reached kkh with hub and Elton at 8.30am. Proceed to do blood test and drank the glucose drink (damn sweet!). Then i went for routine test and i have to go back for my 2nd blood test at 10.55am. So i went to see Dr Goh first. Did ultrasound and saw babygirl on the screen! Asked Dr Goh if babygirl's head is at the top or bottom, cause i always felt her movement at the top of my tummy. Dr Goh says her head is at the top but she's always changing position that's why! Teehee. And Dr Goh says babygirl is 1.1kg already, she will reach 3kg when born! After checkup went to make payment and collect my medication.

We took bus back to Yishun. Went Northpoint to shop around. Brought a new bag for myself! Yay. And hub brought new shoes plus 2 t-shirts. Brought for Elton a new pair of shoe too. After that we cabbed home :) Tomorrow is river safari day with hub and Elton!

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