Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Detail Scan

Ytd was my first appointment at KKH..
reached there at 8.20am like tat..
den registered all tat..
waited for our turn..
den went to take urine test first..
after tat went to do a simple scan..
saw lil baby again :)
next to do detail scan..
saw every lil thing of baby..
den next was to check gender..
the doctor says its a baby boy!
at first baby elton's head was facing downwards..
den he turned and became lying down like tat..
so can check his gender..
was kinda pain while doin the ultrasound..
dunno y oso..
anyway i already got the feelin is a boy le..
woman's sixth sense maybe?
after finishing all,
the nurse asked us to go and make payment all tat..
but at first the doctor say will let me and Z do a blood test..
while we were waitin to pay..
the nurse came and said she forgot wan us to do blood test..
so we went to another room outside to wait..
after tat was our turn..
i took first..
was very afraid at first..
but after tat ok le..
after Z finish doin,
we went to the counter there to make payment..
only manage to finish all at 11am plus..
by tat time im already starving..
coz we didn't had our breakfast..
next appointment is at 27th of Oct..
after leaving KKH,
we took bus 57 to Bishan Interchange..
had chicken rice at Food Junction..
den took 410w to Bishan st 22 there..
Z went there to take hp frm a auntie..
den we took bus 88 to AMK Hub..
went there to shop for baby elton's things..
brought a Body Suit and a Pacifier Chain..
after buying,brought 2 Pork Sausage and 4 Durian Pancake home~
Today had Roti Prata for breakfast,
Z had 水饺拉面..
actually wanted to rent dvd home to watch..
but like no nice show to watch..
so didn't rent any..
just now brought 6 can Sprite and 1 bottle of HoneyLemon and some Sushis :D
den back home..

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