Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pregnancy Known.

Since i got nth to do now..
let me blog about how i found out my pregnancy..

I can only remember roughly that during may,
my last menses came on the 13th..
i din go and take note when my last menses came..
is Z help me remembered! lol
i think tat time i missed my menses for abt 2 weeks..
den we went to buy a kit frm Watsons..
went home,
i din straight away test..
think i did it on the next mornin..
after tested,
it showed 2 lines..
den i showed to Z..
he was like kinda shock yet happy lah!
but i was like not convinced yet..
coz earlier got missed menses for few days..
bought a kit but it showed negative~
so just let it be lor..

And tat time was havin financial prob..
so i only went to Polyclinic during july..
did a urine test..
and its confirmed i'm pregnant..
Z kept on tellin me he's going to be a father le!
by tat time already got symptoms appearing..
like no appetite, nauseous, feel tired easily, go toilet more often etc..
tat time i only ate bread for my dinner..
Z was gettin worried of coz..
most of the time he ask me if i'm hungry,
i always say i'm not hungry..
so during september,
went polyclinic again to get referral letter to hospital..
tat was the first time me and Z heard Baby Elton's heartbeat!
we were like so happy!
after tat got to know my appointment is on Oct..
we are like very impatient le..
coz we wanna do ultrasound scan..
and i was about 4 months pregnant already..
so we went to amk hub to book at the Thomson Women's Clinic..
gynae was Dr Michele Lee..
quite a nice lady :)
so the next day we went to do ultrasound scan,
saw Baby Elton moving inside my tummy :D
so damn happy..
and he was like covering up his private part using his legs..
so cheeky can~
in the end Elton decided to just open up and let us see..
and tat's when we know tat it's a BabyBoy :DD

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