Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Short Update

I'm gonna do a short update..

Went for OGTT..
leave hse at 7am like tat..
took bus there..
reached there early again..
so me and Z sat outside waiting..
my mouth was feelin dry already but couldn't drink any water..
so after registered all tat was my turn to go in..
the doctor tried to poke my right arm first..
but my vein was too fine -.-
so she tried left arm..
finally draw my blood..
they gave me the glucose syrup to drink..
its very very awful..
darn sweet..
make me almost vomitted..
den after tat have to come back 1 hr later..
told Z to go and have his breakfast first as he dun have to starve mah..
i sat there seeing Z eating..
but not really feelin hungry coz i felt nauseous..
after tat times up..
took queue number den asked to come back 1 hr later again..
went to buy Sausage Mcmuffin w Egg..
coz scare after blood test will faint..
finally time for 2nd blood test..
done and immediately went Macdonalds..
Z ate again..
he had McSpicy meal..
he was very full after eating his 2nd meal..
we took bus to AMK Hub..
went to buy movie tickets for 2012..
was watching the 2.05pm show..
so while waiting,
went to walk around..
we went NTUC and brought things for Baby Elton again :D
after tat went up for our movie..
brought a popcorn combo..
the movie was fantastic!
very thrilling..
after movie went back home le..
coz we were both very tired..
i only slept 4 hrs before the blood test..
dunno y couldn't fall aslp after i got up for toilet -.-
yesterday Z took 1 day off coz he was too tired..
and now he just came back coz the machine spoil again..
update till here!

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