Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Xin Wang.

Went Northpoint's Xin Wang with mum, hubby and Elton for our dinner today.. Met sis at Northpoint after her work.. Ordered chicken chop w spaghetti! And my favorite yuan yang! Yum yum~ Pictures below~

Heading out~

Elton will never look into the camera whenever I wanna take photo :/


Evidence -.-

Sis and Elton

Have to "trick" him in order to let him look into the camera

Elton's expression is so cute!


Snatching ah yi's drink

Yay I've won! :D


Look at what he's trying to do


Alright enough of blogging, tml still gotta wake up early to bring Elton to kkh for his appointment. Pls help me click on the ads if there's any! Thanks alot!!

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