Friday, 23 September 2011


Mum got admitted on the 21st of september due to her vomitting and feeling giddy for the whole day..
And now we are back home with mum already..
i had 4 days off because tis week is my weekend off and today was my R/O for hari raya..
so fast 2 days has passed another 2 more days and i have to return to work :(
anyway yesterday we have finally received the letter for the appeal of the LTVP!
finally ICA granted hubby 1 year of the LTVP!
The last time we were only granted 6 months..
Tml gonna go polyclinic to do health checkup..
and i have collected my passport yesterday!
hopefully can use my passport soon :/
I wanna go overseas with hubby and Elton!
Gonna bring Elton to do his passport soon!
Today my iPhone kisiao :(:(
just now couldn't on back after i switch it off..
i can only on back after it's battery is finished..
really fml!
laptop already dead and my iPhone seems like CMI already :'(

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